World Pinhole Day: Workshop and Photo Walk

Sunday, April 29, 2012  |  11:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Speaker: Tom Persinger
Event Type: Photography

April 29 has been designated ‘Worldwide Pinhole Day’ and here at the Event Space we are celebrating these funky little cameras with an afternoon of programs. If you have always wanted to expose some pinholes but were never quite sure how to get started, this is your chance to do it with a group of like-minded photographers. And if you’re a pinhole veteran, join us for some new tips as well as the adventure of joining in Worldwide Pinhole Day festivities. Why try pinhole? A pinhole camera takes making a photograph back to basics and requires you to think and see in a different way. As photography equipment has gone more and more high tech, an increasing number of photographers are reaching back to old, traditional techniques, both as a way of touching history, and also as a way of recharging their creative batteries. Pinhole is one of those traditional techniques, and one that is easily accessible. In this workshop, led by pinhole expert Tom Persinger, founder of, you’ll learn about how to make pinhole images and then, following a lunch break, we will go out on the streets of The Big Apple for a Photo Walk, to do some pinhole shooting ourselves, accompanied by Tom and our pinhole mavens. Thanks to the generosity of our sponsor, Ilford, there will be some prizes on offer and some surprises as well. And after the day is over, you’ll be eligible to enter the images you made in our Pinhole Photography contest for the chance to win one of three prizes.

For those of you that are excited about participating should consider making a trip to Pittsburgh in early June for the 2012 F295 Symposium “Continued Explorations of 21st Century Photography”. This unique symposium puts you at the center of a diverse and creative group of artist photographers that that recognizes the fact that photography has reached an exciting point of maturation and is ripe for a new 21st century approach. To learn more, visit the F295 Symposium site and register early to guarantee you seats, the workshops sell out early.

Tom Persinger

Many know Tom Persinger as a writer, photographer, Director of the worldwide photography collective F295, and organizer of the F295 symposium and seminar series. Many do not know that prior to pursuing his photographic and writing interests full time, Tom spent over 10 years as a user interface/experience designer. While working for a large, international consulting company he created software used by some of the world's largest companies including: AT&T, Bank of America, FedEx, Procter & Gamble, The US Air Force, Lockheed Martin, Coca Cola, and dozens of others. His latest technology project, the iOS photography app named Cameleon, is the result of the marriage of his photographic and software development interests.

View Tom's website.

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