Shoot It: Getting Your High Fashion Shot Using the New Canon 1DX

Monday, March 12, 2012  |  12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Speaker: Ashley McLaughlin, Joey Quintero
Event Type: Photography

Ashley McLaughlin from Canon joins us with the brand new Canon IDX DSLR camera. Be the first to take a look at the newest Canon camera and learn about all its amazing features. Ashley will show you the ins and outs of this brand new camera and how it will enhance your shooting. Joey Quintero will follow up with a live model shoot using this new camera, demonstrating how to capture that high fashion moment. Attendees will have the chance to see first have the quality images produced with this camera. Your high fashion beauty shots will never be the same after seeing them from the new “It” camera.

This event is part 2 of today’s “Light It Shoot It Print It” event. This event is divided into a 3-part series throughout the day, and attendees have the option of registering for any or all of today’s events. Attendees are encouraged to register for all three sessions, in order to learn a full workflow from the vision in your mind to the print in your hand.

Ashley McLaughlin

Ashley's photographic journey began at the tender young age of 13 shooting flowers in her back yard. After the first time they came out halfway decent, this was the first inclination she was made for behind the lens. Learning the grassroots way by many rolls of film and trial and error, she began to test her skills by shooting live performances of bands. Growing up in the world of Live Audio Engineering (a world introduced to her by her father), she had a keen eye how bands react on stage and how the energy and sound of a show flows into photographs.

Ashley decided to go back to school for photography. There she learned the science, art and philosophy of photography. By learning on film and applying to digital, she was able to create and refine her own skills and found her own style. In the process of educating herself, she had managed to educate and instruct many others in the past few years. Through the local school districts Adult Continuing Education programs as well as independently run and owned digital photography classes, she has managed to instruct hundreds of people in a way which is as memorable and vivacious as Ashley’s personality and portfolio.

She still enjoys shooting local Long Island, NY bands and shows, as well as instructing all those who love photography as much as her, and crave to refine their own skills.

Joey Quintero

Joey Quintero was born in Tucson Arizona, and schooled as a chemist. Joey is known for his critical eye and applies his technical drive with his passion for photography. The creative process was exposed to him at an early age, having grown up on movie Sets, while helping his chef father cater for the Stars. He would sneak away to lend a helping hand to the Camera Operators and crew. Over the years, he got hooked!

Coinciding his studies in Chemistry at the University of Arizona, Joey has an extensive background in Art History, and studied Photography at the Speos Institute in Paris.

Joey shoots for top independent Fashion Designers, and Look Books in New York City. In addition, Joey also enjoys sharing and teaching at lectures and workshops and currently offers his expertise in research to help produce and manufacture photo related products geared for the amateur to professional photographer.

Visit Joey's website at

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