Quick Start to Off-Camera Flash with Canon Speedlites

Thursday, February 14, 2013  |  1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Speaker: Syl Arena
Event Type: Photography

In this Canon-specific workshop, you will learn how to quickly create beautiful light with off-camera Speedlites. We will explore the difference between on-camera flash and off-camera flash. We’ll talk about how to select camera and Speedlite settings. We will look at how to create soft light and when to use hard light. We will survey the ways to trigger off-camera Speedlites and take a close look at Canon’s new radio Speedliting system. We’ll also review creative lighting set-ups for one Speedlite and for multiple Speedlites.

Topics to be covered
- Why Off-Camera Flash Matters
- How to Control Your Speedlite On Your Camera’s LCD
- Flash Modes: When to Use ETTL, When to Use Manual
- Sync Speeds and Sync Modes: 1st-Curtain, 2nd-Curtain, and High-Speed
- Creating Soft Light, Creating Hard Light
- Where to Position Your Speedlite
- Off-Camera Triggers: Cord, Optical, and the New Radio System
- Set-ups for Creative Lighting with One Speedlite
- Set-ups for Creative Lighting with Multiple Speedlites

This is a fast-paced presentation that will quickly introduce you to the essential skills you need to know for creating great light with your Canon gear. You are encouraged to bring your DSLR and Canon Speedlite so that you can follow along with the how-to demonstrations. Attendees will go home with Syl’s new 24-page booklet that covers the main points of the presentation.

Syl Arena

Syl Arena freely admits that he is obsessed with light—seeing it, creating it, and sharing it. Second only to his iconic red hair, Syl is most widely known for his manta “To create interesting light, you have to create interesting shadows. So look at the light and think about the shadows.”

Through his passion for lighting, Syl has become the voice for Speedliters around the globe. His innovative Speedlite techniques, such as high-speed sync and gang lighting, have enabled photographers far and wide to create dramatic light with small flash on location and in the studio.

Syl is the author of the international best-selling 'Speedliter’s Handbook', which is nearly 400-pages of how-to and why-to on small flash techniques. Syl blogs about lighting and flash on Speedliting.com. He has written articles about lighting for the Canon Pro Network, EOS magazine, and other leading publications.

Portfolio: SylArena.com

SYL | 'sill'
1. short for 'Sylvester'
2. rhymes with 'Bill', 'Phil' and 'Will'
3. not pronounced 'Sile' or 'Sly'

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