The Moose Is Loose: Moose Peterson Critiques Your Work Sponsored by Lexar

Wednesday, October 2, 2013  |  3:00 PM - 6:00 PM
Speaker: Moose Peterson
Event Type: Photography

One of the best ways to grow as a photographer or artist is to open yourself up to constructive criticism. To participate in crits (as they are called in art school) allows you to see your work in new ways; helping you to define your vision and solve technical issues.

Have one of the top pros offer feedback on one of your best photos. Moose will evaluate and critique your images in a group environment and offer his years of image making to make you a better photographer, and we invite all attendees to bring their best work to class. As each image is projected one by one, Moose will critique them and use each image as a teaching tool for the individual photographer as well as the group.

To participate in this critique, just bring ONE image loaded onto a thumb drive or a disc. We will open up the Event Space a half hour before class to allow all participants to load their image onto our laptop so we can project them onto the big screens for our crit.

Moose Peterson

Moose’s true passion has always been and remains photographing the life history of our endangered wildlife and wild places. Since 1981 he and his wife Sharon have dedicated their lives to this pursuit. Educating the public about our wild heritage is their hallmark. In recent years Moose has added aviation photography to his pursuits with the same goal of preserving our flying history, pictorial and oral for future generations. Along the way Moose has been honored for his photographic passion: a Nikon Legend Behind the Lens, Lexar Elite Photographer, recipient of the John Muir Conservation Award, Research Associate with the Endangered Species Recovery Program, just to name a few. He shares his knowledge through his writing, being published in over 131 magazines worldwide, author of 24 books including his latest, Captured and lecturing across the country to thousands upon thousands of photographers. One of the original Nikon shooters to receive the D1 in 1999, Moose embraced this new technology, becoming the only wildlife photographer in the world to shoot strictly digital in the early years. While a beta site for all the major hardware and software manufacturers, Moose continues being a creative innovator of new techniques both behind the camera and the computer, which is the driving force behind his photography and goals.

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