In Times of War and Peace-1972-2012: Photographs by a Renowned International Photographer, Peter Turnley

Sunday, December 6, 2009  |  1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Speaker: Peter Turnleyqbcyddyfwaubxubx
Event Type: Photography

Join internationally acclaimed photojournalist, Peter Turnley, for an insightful look into humanity amidst the last three decades of history, geo-politics, and everyday life in different countries from around the world. Peter’s presentation will weave in and out of images depicting life worldwide, in moments of conflict, hardship, and political change, as well as images of major world figures that influenced the direction history during the last three decades. Turnley’s visual exploration of the world, in which he captures the "decisive moments" from each country he traveled to, offers moments of beauty and esthetic power that characterize the daily life of different regions.

Turnley will speak with great sincerity about his beginnings in photography and the incredible gift that vision and sight can offer to any observer willing to keep their heart and mind open to the infinite images waiting to be discovered at the corner of any street. Turnley will share his photographs from the Gulf War of 1991, the Balkans (Bosnia), Somalia, Rwanda, South Africa, Chechnya, Haiti, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Indonesia, Afghanistan, Kosovo, and the war in Iraq. He will also reveal other dimensions of work by showing his black and white street photography in Paris and the United States.

Turnley is one of the rare contemporary photographers whose experience, philosophical roots, and vision are rooted strongly in both the traditions of America and Europe; he has divided his life between living in the US and in Paris. He was the young assistant to the great French photographer Robert Doisneau and has been influenced by such masters as Henri Cartier-Bresson, Andre Kertesz, Eugene Smith, Edouard Boubat, Robert Frank and Willy Ronis. Turnley’s lecture is a transformational experience, and will speak in one way or another to the realities of the world familiar to every person in the audience.

Make sure to visit Peter Turnley’s upcoming Street Photography Workshops located in Paris, Istanbul, Rio, Buenos Aires, Calcutta, Seville, and New York City.

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Peter Turnley

Peter Turnley is one of the preeminent photojournalists in the world today. His photographs have been on the cover of Newsweek Magazine 43 times. He has covered nearly every major news event of international significance in the past thirty years. He is also a renowned workshop instructor with vast experience at teaching workshops worldwide on the photo essay.

Turnley has produced portraits and covered many of the world’s most influential people of our time; Obama, Gorbatchev, Yeltsin, Putin, Mandela, Arafat, Schroeder, Chirac, Clinton, Reagan, Bush Sr, Lady Diana, and Pope Jean Paul 11 to name a few.

He has photographed the major world conflicts of the last decade and has published five books of his work: Beijing Spring, Moments of Revolution, In Times of War and Peace, Parisians and McCellan Street.


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