Amelia's World: Animal Affinity Presented by Robin Schwartz

Sunday, November 8, 2009  |  1:00 PM - 3:00 PM
Speaker: Robin Schwartz
Event Type: Photography

The B&H Event Space is pleased to present internationally acclaimed Fine Art Photographer, Robin Schwartz.  Robin creates meticulously composed, disquieting portraits of her daughter, Amelia, interacting with a range of exotic animals, from monkeys to kangaroos.  Her photographs are drawn from real journeys undertaken with Amelia, but also depict relationships with animals through invented worlds where Amelia and the animals not only co-exist, but also interact.  The world that Robin and her daughter explore is one where the line between human and animal overlaps or is blurred.

During her lecture at B&H, Robin will discuss her project “Amelia’s World: Animal Affinity,” which displays Amelia’s remarkable relationship with animals. This body of work conveys Amelia’s extraordinary comfort level with animals, which they in turn share with her.  Robin’s passion for animals and the spiritual connection she gains from photographing them inspired her to explore on a deeper level the real and fictional interspecies relationships, portrayed through portraits of Amelia. Robin has always been obsessed with animals, having a necessity for their company and always consciously working at developing relationships with them.  Conversely, Amelia is oblivious to her unique gift with animals; her childlike innocence breaks down barriers with animals which allow them to interact on an intimate level that many adults could never experience. It is this special quality in Amelia that Robin strives to capture through her images. 

As Amelia’s personality matures, this project will continue to evolve; Robin will explore the future of Amelia and her relationship to animals. “Amelia is my priority, my muse, my co-conspirator, my tormentor and my bliss. Collaborating with Amelia, I am able to go to any place in time.” Come hear Robin speak at B&H to discover more about her personal approach to her work, and how it has earned her acclaim throughout the world.

Robin Schwartz

Robin Schwartz's photographs are held in the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art and Museum of Modern Art, The National Museum of Art, Washington, D.C., The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, The Brooklyn Museum of Art, The Chrysler Museum of Art, The Bibliotheque Nationale and The Museum Folkwang, Germany among other institutions.

The Aperture Foundation published Schwartz’s third monograph, Amelia’s World, edited by Tim Barber. Two earlier monographs of Schwartz’s photographs are: LIKE US: Primate Portraits, 1993 and Dog Watching, 1995.

Schwartz’s photographs are included in over fifty books, Various Photographs, by Tim Barber and HIJACKED, by Mark McPherson. Work from the Primate Series was featured in two editions of The Aperture Foundation and The Chrysler Museum of Art publication; Photography Speaks: 150 Photographers on Their Art, 2004, the earlier 1995 edition, 70 Photographers Speak and The Play of the Unmentionable, an installation by Joseph Kosuth, At The Brooklyn Museum / New Press, 1992.

Schwartz’s photographs have appeared in The New York Times, O Magazine, FADER Magazine, Juxtapoz Magazine, The Los Angeles Times, Interview Magazine, PDN Magazine, Marie Clair (China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Mexico), Vision Magazine, China, H Magazine, Spain and Dummy Magazine, Berlin.

Schwartz earned a Master of Fine Arts in Photography from Pratt Institute. Robin Schwartz is an Assistant Professor in Photography at William Paterson University of New Jersey. Portfolios can be viewed at and Representation: M+B Gallery in Los Angeles,

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