Gadgets & Problem Solvers August 2007
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August 2007 Gadgets & Problem Solvers

Production Mixing and Mastering with Waves


Book & CD-based interactive course

Computer recording truly revolutionized the recording process, providing the average user with powerful studio tools that many of us are unfamiliar with. The book and DVD set Mixing and Mastering with Waves is designed to help you tap into all of the potential of the popular Waves plug-ins. Even users who have used these tools for many years can garner useful tips and information and apply them to their workflow to improve their sound.

Etymotic ER-20


High Fidelity Noise-Attenuating Ear Plugs

Most ear plugs drastically muffle the audio quality of what is heard when the plugs are inserted. High and upper mid frequencies often get completely lost. This is not the case with Etymotic ER-20 earplugs. The audio quality that you hear remains almost completely intact when inserted.  With its patented tuned resonator and acoustic resistor, all sound drops 20dB evenly across the frequency range.  Their inexpensive price make them a must have.

The Cable Organizer - Cable Cover and Protector

B&H# CACZ.75160B

Clean Up Your Cable Mess

Perhaps it's time you did something about the spaghetti forming around your workspace. The Cable Organizer is a simple and inventive system for doing exactly that; organizing your cables. It's basically tubing that you can run multiple cables through. The cables are easily laced into the tubes with the handy “zip clip” tool that is included. It's a clever solution to cable mess, and zipping up wires into the tubes is kind of fun.

Nite Ize Lite Bite for the AA Maglite Flashlight



Free Your Hands on Stage or In the Studio

Picture this: you're the sound person at a big area rock concert. Something goes wrong with the guitarist's amp, and you have to run out onto the stage fix the problem. You dash out into the dimly lit stage with your trusty Maglite flashlight, hunched over as you run of course, and when you arrive at the amp you realize you need both hands to fix the problem. With your Lite Bite accessory affixed on the end of your flashlight, you pop it in your mouth and work with both hands.

IK Multimedia Amplitube Jimi Hendrix


Channel Your Inner Hendrix

Problem: you want to play guitar through your laptop and have it sound exactly like Jimi Hendrix playing on stage at Woodstock in 1969. Solution: IK Multimedia's new Amplitube Jimi Hendrix. Utilizing the same technology in IK's popular Amplitube software, the Jimi Hendrix suite is an authentic recreation of Jimi's personal selection of effects, guitar amplifiers and cabinets. For Hendrix fanatics this is a no-brainer, but this processor should also pique the interest in anyone who's prone to experiment with 1960's guitar equipment in search of an authentic sound. It runs as a stand alone program or as a plug-in (AU, VST, and RTAS.)

Boom Pole Holders



These handy devices allow you to set up your Boom Pole in a fixed position. They attach to grip heads and securely mount boom poles to lighting or C-stands for completely hands-free operation. This setup is particularly useful in a single-man operation or where microphone placement will remain stationary. The accessory we recommend to use with these boom pole holders is Avenger/Mathews Hollywood Grip Head (2.5") B&H# MAHWH2.5. This adjustable hardware allows you to position the pole and lock it in place.

Ambient Audio Emesser


Convert Your Standard Microphone to an M/S Pair

The Emesser is a very small figure-of- eight microphone designed to convert a standard microphone into an M/S pair.  Its compact size allows you to use your existing windshields and microphone mounts. This mic can be connected directly to 48V Phantom or to an electret voltage (used in consumer video). The Emesser can be clipped onto any mono microphone and comes with a complete loom, mounting clip, foam windshield and 5-pin XLR output cable.

Alesis Trigger |iO



USB/MIDI Pad Trigger Interface

The Alesis Trigger|iO converts input from your favorite percussion pads into a MIDI note messages for triggering sounds in software synths and hardware devices. You can fine-tune the parameters of the triggered notes, including sending continuous controller messages via your high-hat pedal. It connects via MIDI and USB, and is compatible with Alesis drum pads, as well as popular models from Roland and Yamaha. The Trigger|iO also includes FXPansion's BFD Lite (a professional software drum module with high-quality acoustic and electronic drum kit libraries).

Revolabs Solo Desktop


Are you looking for a simple solution to record audio direct to computer for podcasts? Or, perhaps you are looking for a reliable wireless audio system/interface for conferencing or VOIP applications. The Revolabs Solo Desktop is designed for just these types of jobs. This rechargeable wireless microphone system combines the advanced audio capabilities of full duplex, wideband quality with secure encryption in an innovative, wearable form factor. The system is available with various  microphones options including: a lavalier system, 2 different boundary mic systems, and a XLR plug-in transmitter that will convert a standard mic to a wireless mic. The base provides a USB connection for interfacing your PC and act as a charger for the microphone.

Ultrasone Headphones-S-Logic Technology



The biggest difference between wearing headphones and listening to speakers is that with headphones on, the sound is being pumped directly into the ears, whereas the sound from speakers has to bounce into the ear canal after first bouncing into the ear itself. Ultrasone set out to correct this inconsistency. They developed a design that incorporates “S-Logic” technology. Basically, the sound pumped out of a pair of Ultrasone headphones does not get fed directly into the ear drum. Utilizing a decentralized driver position, Ultrasone headphones direct the sound into the ear as a speaker or live instrument would, off of your ear's pinna, and into the ear canal. This design is found in all Ultrasone products.

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