Gadgets & Problem Solvers July 2007
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July 2007 Gadgets & Problem Solvers

SE Electronics

Price: $39.00

There are many pop filters available to choose from today, but the innovative SE Electronics Studio Pop Filter offers an alternative to the standard fabric-screen type filter. It's unique 5 1/4" metal screen is louvered at a slight angle to redirect ultra-low frequency breath blasts, and includes a flexible gooseneck arm & adjustable stand clamp. The Studio Pop Filter does not attenuate high frequencies (as fabric screens do), leaving vocal performances unaffected while reducing annoying low frequency "pops".

EBTECH Swizz Army Cable Tester

Price: $79.95

Have you arrived at a gig or video shoot and found that one or more of your cables weren’t working? Wish you had checked them before you left? Or, maybe you have all your gear set up and there is a problem somewhere in your signal chain…What you need is a portable cable tester! The Swizz Army Tester checks XLR, 1/4", RCA, 1/8", TT & MIDI cables for continuity and or intermittent connections. It also detects opens and shorts for each pin. Other features include a test-tone generator (+4, -10, Mic), phantom power detector, grounded XLR shield detector and cable wiring display. The display LEDs will also stay lit until reset allowing you to catch intermittent faults that may have occurred too quickly to notice otherwise.

GTC Noise Plug & Tone Plug

Noise Plug
Price: $39.95

Tone Plug
Price: $49.95

No larger than a standard microphone connector, the GTC Noise Plug & Tone Plug provide useful audio tools that run completely on phantom power. Equally at home in the studio or on the road, the Tone Plug produces 11 distinct audio system test functions. It offers five user-selectable sine wave test tones at frequencies of 100, 250, 400, 1K and 10KHz (additional 5 special function test signals are also provided). The Noise Plug is a compact, precision pink noise generator that can be used to check audio system operation, adjust speaker crossover points & balance, adjust system equalization, and check frequency response of amplifiers, tape decks, and other audio equipment.

Native Instruments Audio Kontrol 1

Price: $229.95

With the dizzying array of USB audio interfaces available today, very few stand out as inventive. The Audio Kontrol 1 definitely does; it has a clever design that combines a high-end audio interface with 3 freely-assignable buttons and a large controller knob. This compact, USB 2 interface provides crystal-clear 192 kHz/24-bit audio, advanced MIDI key commands for full control of software your applications, and an ultra-rugged aluminum casing.  It is compatible with both Mac OS X & Windows and comes bundled with software including: Traktor 3 LE, Guitar Combos, Keyboard Collection, and Cubase LE (Cubase LE for Windows only).

Garfield Black Robe

Price: $79.95

The Photo Black Robe is an anti-reflection crew garment designed for boom operators, camera operators, dolly grips and others. This hooded robe is made from matte black, 100% cotton material and designed to cut reflections on film sets. The Photo Black Robe is cool, comfortable and convenient compared to the standard practice of wrapping the crewmember in "Duvetyne" material. It provides a quick and easy means of eliminating on-screen reflectors. Boom operators may now work nearly anywhere on set without disturbing the lighting crew.

Raxxess Universal Shelf

Price: $15.95

The Universal Rack Shelf allows you to rack-mount a variety of half-rack equipment and non-standard (19") gear. Simply remove the feet on the bottom of your unit and line up the holes with hole pattern that matches on the Universal Rack Shelf.    Replace the screws, and your gear is secured to the shelf. This 1-space shelf accommodates a large variety of equipment, comes with two of each 6/32, 8/32, & 10/32 machine screws, and is finished in durable black baked enamel.

Blue Ralph the Wondermount

Price: $49.95

Ralph is an inexpensive alternative or replacement shock mount for any mic with a diameter of 19.88mm to 22mm. Precision crafted of solid brass, this shock mount is well suited to Blue's Baby Bottle microphone as well as many other popular recording mics by AKG, Audio-Technica, Beyerdynamic, Sennheiser and Shure. It's wrap-around design and suspension bands hold the mic out in front of the stand, positioning it directly in front of the sound source, helping to further eliminate low-frequency rumble generated by floor resonance or bumping the stand.

Remote Audio Micro-Cat

Price: $25.00

Sometimes the standard windscreen that comes with your lavalier microphone just doesn’t cut it when you are working in extreme wind conditions. A great solution for this problem is the Remote Audio Micro-Cat. It is designed to help substantially reduce wind noise while remaining sonically transparent. Hand-made from a fuzzy outer layer plus two additional inner layers of open weave fabric, the Micro-Cat easily fits over most lav microphones with diameters of up to 12mm. Micro-Cats are available these colors: neutral white, gray, black, and tan.


Price: $149.95

The Versa-Flex HS1N Professional Audio Harness is a heavy duty padded wide strap that prevents shoulder fatigue while carrying audio equipment. It is designed to be used with professional audio mixer and recording cases. There is a 21" over strap and an 8.0" under strap. The harness features attachment rings for securing cases, two carabineers, removable waist strap and a carry sack.

Hosa PWD-401

Price: $6.95

The PWD-401 is a unique, problem solver that allows you to clean up the power cables in your racks by daisy-chaining multiple PWD's together.  This heavy-duty, 14 AWG cable also makes it easy to get one more 3-Prong outlet from mixers, amps, keyboards, etc.


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