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  • You Pay: $899.00
Sharp Portrait Lens
This sharp 12-40mm wide-angle zoom lens is compatible with your E-M1 and is ideal for shooting portraits. Its maximum aperture of f/2.8 equals consistent low-light performance.
  • You Pay: $22.95
Smooth File Capture
This Extreme Pro SDHC card ensures smooth capture of your OM-D E-M1's 16.3MP photos and 1080p HD video.
  • You Pay: $49.00
Be Prepared
Don't get caught without power-keep a second battery handy so you decide when you're finished shooting.
  • You Pay: $17.95
Safe & Secure Strap
Safely carry your E-M1 in comfort with this non-skid neoprene strap from OP/TECH USA. The camera attaches using two Mini QD connectors and the strap is adjustable from 42-52 in.
  • You Pay: $38.62
Simple Yet Serious
Carry your E-M1 and its gear in this simple, yet serious, Olympus Messenger Bag. It has enough space for the camera with a grip and two extra lenses, and then some.
  • You Pay: $499.00
Olympus TTL Compatible
Compatible with your E-M1's TTL system, this powerful shoe mount flash provides you with numerous features, including wireless operation.
  • You Pay: $199.00
Shoot More in Comfort
With 1 battery in the HLD-7 grip and another in your E-M1, you can take about 680 shots. The grip also doubles as a stable and comfortable support for shooting vertically.