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  • You Pay: $998.00
A Sharp, Bright Prime
The Sony T* FE 55mm f/1.8 ZA prime lens is a sharp and bright lens with a 1.8 aperture which works great in low-light conditions.
  • You Pay: $15.49
32GB of File Space
This Sony SDHC UHS-I card has 32GB of space for your a7's 24.3MP photo and 1080p video files.
  • You Pay: $49.95
Lithium-ion Longevity
Lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and free from the syndrome known as memory effect, which shortens overall lifespan when a battery is charged mid-cycle.
  • You Pay: $89.95
Snug Protection
Snugly wrap your a7 in this Genuine Leather Jacket Case from Sony. It protects your camera in style and has an opening for access to your camera's threaded tripod mount.
  • You Pay: $298.00
Sony TTL Compatible
The HVL-F32M flash works with your a7's TTL system and multi-interface shoe. It has a high-speed synchronization mode, wireless control, and auto white balance compensation.
  • You Pay: $298.00
Extend Your Shooting Time
Double your power and experience extra support when shooting in the vertical position. This grip also has a strap hole for attaching the optional STP-GB1AM Grip Belt.