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  • You Pay: $14.95
Record with Ease
This Extreme UHS-I memory card has the performance you need to capture your GX7's 16MP stills and 1080p video with ease.
  • You Pay: $269.00
General Purpose Telephoto
This 45-200mm telephoto zoom lens is a general purpose lens for your GX7. It is compatible with micro four thirds cameras across brands.
  • You Pay: $41.95
Be Prepared
Be prepared with a spare battery so you don't have to end your shoot early because of a lack of power.
  • You Pay: $23.40
A Smart Accessory
It's a smart idea to have a UV filter on your GX7's lens at all times to protect against scratches, dust, moisture and more.
  • You Pay: $227.00
Dual Purpose Light
The DMW-FL360L is a dual purpose light source for your GX7. It has both an external flash for shooting photos and a constant LED light for video.
  • You Pay: $103.95
Wired or Wireless
Vello's Wireless Shutterboss Timer Remote triggers your GX7 wirelessly or wired. It also has a long list of timer functions and 99 possible radio channels
  • You Pay: $29.95
Daylight for Video
This 5600K daylight-balanced on-camera LED lights up your scenes with soft light for capturing video with your GX7.