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Showcased Accessories
  • You Pay: $39.95
Capture 4K Detail
Record fine detail and beautiful 4K imagery in the XAVC S format using your FDR-AX100 and this fast speed class 3 certified Sony SDXC memory card.
  • You Pay: $61.48
Be Prepared
Don't get caught without power; keep a spare battery handy so you can keep shooting no matter what.
  • You Pay: $19.95
Easy Access Padded Case
This easy access, padded shoulder bag has a water-resistant exterior and is designed to carry and protect your FDR-AX100.
  • You Pay: $95.90
Indispensible Tools
Effectively control light and protect your camcorder's lens with this kit of indispensible filters from Hoya. A handy pouch is also included.
  • You Pay: $119.00
High-Quality Stereo Audio
This stereo mic has a directionally focused pick-up pattern that captures high-quality audio with your FDR-AX100.
  • You Pay: $159.95
Stable, Sharp Footage
Achieve stable, tack-sharp video footage with your FDR-AX100 using the VT-4000 Tripod. This sturdy support has a ball-level and fluid head for smooth, precise operation.
  • You Pay: $14.95
Attach Useful Accessories
Outfit your AX100 with useful accessories using this Dual Shoe Bracket. It attaches to the bottom of your camera and provides one cold shoe on top and one on the side.
  • You Pay: $25.95
Stay Focused & Steady
Stay focused and steadily maneuver your AX100 in comfort with the Revo Video Shoulder Support, especially when filming for extended periods.