Showcased Accessories
  • You Pay: $16.99
A Comfortable Bag
The Notebook Sling Bag has an adjustable strap with a comfort pad attached to the top corners; you can comfortably wear the bag across your neck for easy access, or sling-style.
  • You Pay: $69.99
A Drive for your MacBook
The SuperDrive is a svelte partner for your MacBook Air sans optical drive. Use it to watch DVDs, install software, create back-up discs, and more.
  • You Pay: $75.00
1TB of Secure Storage
Use the Slim II External Hard Drive with your MacBook Air for up to 1TB of additional secure file storage. Its password lock feature prevents unauthorized access.
  • You Pay: $19.99
Collar Keeps Files Safe
This Turbo 3.0 USB Flash Drive has a sliding collar that lets you extend the cover when it's not in use, keeping the USB connector safe from becoming damaged.
  • Discount Price: $114.23
Have Access Anywhere
With Office for Mac you'll have access to your apps, and everything from homework to home projects, from nearly any Internet connected computer with a browser.
  • You Pay: $179.99
For HD Media Enthusiasts
High-definition media enthusiasts and gamers alike will find the 802.11ac router to be a suitable solution for high-definition video streaming and online game play.
  • You Pay: $24.95
Protect Your Keyboard
The ClearGuard Keyboard Protector keeps your MacBook Air keyboard safe from daily wear and tear, including dust and scratches, not to mention spills.