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Showcased Accessories
  • You Pay: $58.50
Rechargeable Power
The Watson 8-Bay Rapid Charger Kit includes 8 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries to provide reliable, long-lasting power while saving you money versus disposable batteries.
  • You Pay: $11.95
Vital Backup Accessories
This Lavalier Accessory Backup Kit provides 2 of the most vital, and commonly lost, accessories. Included are 3 replacement windscreens and a lavalier mic clip.
  • You Pay: $18.00
Lavalier Concealer
The RODE invisiLav Discreet Lavalier Mounting System is designed to conceal your lavalier mic while reducing handling noise and vibrations when mounted on skin or clothing.
  • You Pay: $9.95
Backup Windscreens
Keep extra Auray Metal Windscreens handy in case your original is lost or damaged.
  • You Pay: $7.95
Keep Replacements Handy
Keep extra Sennheiser MZQ2EW mic clips handy; they're direct replacement clips for the ME2 Lavalier Microphone.
  • You Pay: $199.95
Interview Microphone
The Sennheiser MD 42 is a handheld omnidirectional ENG mic designed for interviews. It ensures maximum intelligibility without being pointed directly at the person speaking.
  • You Pay: $61.99
Unbreakable & Watertight
The custom fitted, unbreakable, and watertight SKB iSeries case is well-suited for your Sennheiser wireless system and accessories.