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  • You Pay: $14.65
The Speed Needed for HD
The 16GB Extreme SDHC card features UHS Speed Class 3 compatibility for smooth 1080p HD recording with your 60D; fast read and write speeds ensure efficient file transfers.
  • You Pay: $62.00
Be Prepared
Don't get caught without power; keep a second battery handy so you decide when you're finished shooting.
  • You Pay: $499.00
Covers More Territory
This Canon Speedlite 430EX II is a mid-range flash that covers more territory than your 60D's built-in flash. It is E-TTL and E-TTL II compatible.
  • You Pay: $149.00
Power & Stability
This battery grip effectively doubles your shooting time. It also offers up a secure and comfortable way to hold your 60D, and features a shutter release, when shooting vertically.
  • You Pay: $39.95
Minimize Camera Shake
Minimize camera shake when shooting your 60D with the ShutterBoss Version II. It has functions such as continuous shooting, self-timer, long time exposures and interval shooting.
  • You Pay: $79.95
Stabilize Your Rebel
Stabilize your 60D for smooth video capture with this comfortable and lightweight Revo SR-1000 Shoulder Support Rig.
  • You Pay: $19.95
Mount 3 Accessories
The Vello CB-4850 V-Bar Triple Shoe Bracket mounts onto your 60D's hot shoe and provides three additional accessory cold shoe mounts.