Showcased Accessories
  • You Pay: $25.95
Run-and-Gun Accessories
Tascam's Handheld DR-Series Recording Accessory Package is well suited to run-and-gun handheld recording, with its pistol grip, furry windscreen, case, and USB power.
  • You Pay: $17.95
Long-Lasting Power
The Watson 4-Hour Rapid Charger with 4 AA 2300mAh NiMH Rechargeable Batteries provides reliable, long-lasting power versus disposable batteries.
  • You Pay: $16.99
Quiet & Durable
This Microphone Cable is engineered to be quiet and durable, and provides EMI and RFI noise protection for microphones and audio equipment.
  • You Pay: $36.99
High Wind Protection
The Tascam WS-11 is an absolute must for outdoor recording with your DR-40; it blocks high wind gusts from penetrating the recorder's internal microphones.
  • You Pay: $17.82
Closed Back Design
Tascam's TH-02 Studio Headphones are comfortable and versatile with an over-the-ear closed back design, making them great for when you're recording audio.
  • You Pay: $29.95
Remote Control of DR-40
The RC-10 Wired Remote Control allows you to control your DR-40's functions. It's great when you have the recorder mounted on a camera or a stand.
  • You Pay: $89.99
Custom Case & Windscreen
The Strut STR-DR40WX Audio Case protects your DR-40 Recorder and guards the built-in mics from wind. It also gives you a variety of carrying and attachment methods for accessories.