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  • Price: $599.00
Designed for the X-Series
This 35mm XF R is designed for the Fujifilm X-series. It is a normal lens, equivalent to 53mm in the 35mm format. Its f/1.4 aperture makes shooting in very low light possible.
  • You Pay: $22.95
The Speed Needed for HD
The 32GB Extreme SDHC card features UHS-I Speed Class 3 compatibility for smooth 1080p HD recording with your X-Pro1; fast read and write speeds ensure efficient file transfers.
  • You Pay: $48.95
Be Prepared
Don't get caught without power; keep a second battery handy so you decide when you're finished shooting.
  • You Pay: $106.95
Protect your X-Pro1
Protect your X-Pro1 with this custom leather case. It attaches to your X-Pro1's tripod socket, and provides full access to the camera's functions and LCD screen while attached.
  • You Pay: $179.00
Powerful & Compact
The extremely compact EF-20 Flash is a powerful little on-camera TTL compatible unit, that adds a significant amount of light to scenes shot with your X-Pro1.
  • You Pay: $49.95
Supports Your X-Pro1
The Magnus DX-5330 Deluxe Photo Tripod supports your X-Pro1 for capturing steady images at night, during long exposures, or any time stability is needed.
  • You Pay: $67.95
Keep Your X-Pro1 Steady
The Fujifilm HG-XM1 Hand Grip helps you keep your X-Pro1 steady while shooting at slow shutter speeds, or when using a large lens.