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  • You Pay: $597.99
Leica Quality
This Panasonic Leica 25mm lens has superb image quality and a fast f/1.4 aperture for good low-light shooting and pleasing, softly out-of-focus backgrounds.
  • You Pay: $14.95
Worry-Free Recording
This Extreme UHS-I card keeps up with your GH3's 17MP sensor to record your photo files without a hitch. It also sustains the writing speeds necessary for 1080p HD video capture.
  • You Pay: $47.80
Be Prepared
Don't get caught without power; keep a second battery handy so you decide when you're finished shooting.
  • You Pay: $24.95
Be Ready to Shoot
Protect your GH3 while keeping it ready to shoot with the Ruggard Holster Bag. It holds your mirrorless face down in the shooting position, for easy access when you need it.
  • You Pay: $227.00
Video & Still Light
This Panasonic flash combines an external flash and a constant LED light for working with stills and video recording.
  • You Pay: $169.49
Shoot in Comfort Longer
Double shooting time and improve your hold on your GH3 with this Panasonic Battery Grip.
  • You Pay: $48.22
Reduce Camera Shake
There's no need to touch your GH3 to release the shutter. Use this Panasonic remote instead to reduce camera shake and capture hands-free shots from up to 5 feet away.