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Showcased Accessories
  • You Pay: $3.99
10 Extra Feet
This 1/4 inch extension cable gives you 10 extra feet for your SMH-500 Headphones in the studio and out in the field.
  • You Pay: $14.95
Share Stereo Sound
This 1/4 inch headphone splitter lets you share your headphone jack with a friend. The gold-plated connectors and high-quality cable send a strong stereo signal to both listeners.
  • You Pay: $9.95
Splits Headphone Jack
This 1/8 inch headphone splitter has two stereo male gold-plated connectors for sharing your audio.
  • You Pay: $24.99
Amplify Your Sound
Expand your source's headphone output this high-quality HP amp. It gives you 4 outputs and individual volume control.
  • You Pay: $12.40
Hook Your Headphones
Have your Senal headphones right where you need them, especially when working in the field, with this Headphone Hook.
  • You Pay: $9.99
Secure Your Headphones
Protect your SMH-500 Headphones with this Senal Storage Pouch. Its braided drawstrings tighten the leatherette pouch shut, keeping your headphones safely secure.
  • You Pay: $17.05
Cool & Comfortable
Having headphones on for a long time can make your ears hot and uncomfortable. These earpad covers keep your ears cool and comfortable allowing you to wear your SMH-500's longer.
  • You Pay: $14.00
Ensures No Downtime
With heavy use your headphone's earpads can be worn out or damaged over time. Keep an extra set handy to ensure there's no downtime in the studio or out in the field.