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  • You Pay: $299.00
Cover all Zoom
This 55-250mm zoom lens covers everything from portrait to telephoto shots, and also has an STM stepping focus motor that provides smooth, quiet, and fast focusing for video.
  • You Pay: $47.95
You Decide
Don't get caught without power-keep a second battery handy so you decide when you're finished shooting.
  • You Pay: $16.90
Peace of Mind
Keep your T5i's lens protected with this multi-coated UV filter. It wards off scratches and ultraviolet light.
  • You Pay: $259.00
Gets Pro Results
Canon's Speedlite 430EX II provides the versatility and power needed to achieve professional-looking flash photos with your T5i.
  • You Pay: $54.99
Carries & Protects
This lightweight Lowepro shoulder bag carries and protects your T5i, whether you're out shooting, traveling, or simply storing your gear.
  • You Pay: $119.00
A Better Grip
Enjoy more shooting time and a firmer grip on your T5i, whether you're shooting vertically or horizontally.
  • You Pay: $19.00
Steady Capture
Use this Canon Remote Switch to take super-steady images with your mounted T5i. You can also lock the shutter-release button to capture long-exposures.