What is EDU Advantage?

A Student & Educator
Discount Membership

If you’re a student or faculty member of Photo, Film, Video, Audio, Graphic Design, New Media, you qualify for special educational discounts from B&H and many of our vendors. Rather than making you apply for every educational discount program individually, the EDU Advantage program gives you access to all of the discounts with one simple application.

B&H EDU Advantage Explora Articles

  • Optical Brightening Agents in Photo Paper: Good or Bad?

    By Shawn C. Steiner

    Optical brightening agents (OBAs) are chemical agents that are used in many kinds of paper to make them whiter. However, the question is: can they have a negative impact on the look of your...

  • Tips on Scuba Diving with the GoPro HERO3

    By Sam Mallery

    Besides boating, kayaking, skiing, surfing and skydiving, the GoPro HERO3 is also popular for capturing footage while scuba diving. This tiny camera has revolutionized the way people shoot video when...

  • Wedding Photography Tips: Engagement Sessions with Ryan Brenizer

    By BH Online Videos

    Successful wedding photographer Ryan Brenizer shares his strategies and tips for making unique and dynamic engagement portraits for his wedding clients. Brenizer, whose approach to wedding...

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