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By Jack Fettman

Looking for a quick and easy way to capture video footage for either business or personal applications, and transfer the video easily to the Web? There are inexpensive Flash Media camcorders available for less than $199.95 that are extremely easy to operate and include software that enables your footage to be uploaded to your computer simply and quickly. Then you can transfer your footage smoothly and easily to YouTube, or one of the other numerous video-sharing websites out there.

Some convenient uses for these types of camcorders would be best explained with the following examples: Let's say you have a prospective client who needs to see a property and its surroundings, or your employer wants documented information of a construction site. When you're present with one of these very compact, easy to operate shoot-and-share camcorders, you can acquire such information quickly and easily. Your recorded flash media files transfer easily to your computer and are ready to be e-mailed to the client or boss for their perusal, so that they can make informed decisions.

Another use would be for family and personal occasions. Many of us have existing recorded footage on video tape and DVD's that is destined to be shared with family and friends. But because of our busy lifestyles, our dear family and friends spend quite a bit of time waiting patiently. These specific flash media-encoded camcorders are well-suited for internet web browsers, and e-mail applications. Film your baby's first steps or her adorable smeared face after her first experience with puréed foods. Your captured memories can be made available easily on video sharing websites, or e-mailed in a video clip to your family and friends. To preserve your dearest, significant moments and experiences, these specific flash-encoded camcorders fit in the palm of your hand and empower you to capture and share those experiences expeditiously.

Pure Digital "Flip"
Pure Digital "Flip"

The Pure Digital "Flip" series camcorder is one of these small, stylish, convenient, easy-to-use flash-based media camcorders. These Flip camcorders have everything you need to record and share your video in one unit. The included Flip software is both Windows and Mac based, and facilitates the organizing and archiving of your video easily, while giving you the option to publish directly to YouTube or AOL Video. The various models incorporate internal memory in a range of memory capacities, and come in a variety of colors. Easily upload your recorded files directly to video-sharing sites or send them in e-mail by using the camcorder's built-in USB arm.

Sony NSC-GC1 Net Sharing Memory Stick
Sony NSC-GC1 Net Sharing Memory Stick

The secret of the success of these types of camcorders is that they capture MPEG4/AVI format video files that are already compressed into small file sizes, ready to go straight to the internet from the camcorder. The Sony NSC-GC1 Net Sharing Memory Stick camcorder comes "web-ready," capturing your footage in the MPEG-4 file format. The pre-loaded PMB portable Windows based software runs automatically when the camcorder is connected to a compatible PC via the USB cable. The software enables you to access and post videos directly to video-sharing websites via the pre-programmed menu buttons. The camcorder's large 1/2.5" CMOS image sensor captures great detail and clarity for lo-res video imagery. To further ensure that your video captures are steady, the built-in SteadyShot picture stabilization motion sensor system compensates for camera "shake" without degradation of picture quality. The 270° rotating 2.4" swivel LCD screen makes it possible to hold the camera multiple viewing angles. Position the LCD screen down, and shoot above heads of people obstructing your subject; position the LCD upward, and bring the camera low to capture baby's first steps at his or her eye level.



The RCA EZ201 camcorder is another favorite for recording memories intended for e-mail, or uploading to your website or a popular video-sharing website. Its flip-out 180° swivel design LCD screen makes it easier for you to film yourself and others. All you need to do with this small wonder camcorder is insert the two AA batteries that come with the unit and start recording. It has built-in memory that can store up to 60 minutes of your precious video. In addition, the camera's card slot enables you to use optional SD memory or MMC cards to achieve longer recording times. The camera's integrated Memory Manager Windows based Software activates automatically when the camcorder is connected to your computer via the USB connection. The internal USB arm connects directly to your PC or laptop, making the process of uploading and e-mailing your videos instantly even easier.

Granted, there are greater opportunities and more high-end equipment out there for advanced video capture and post-production processing of video footage. But these specific inexpensive Flash-encoded camcorders are most suited for internet applications, since flash-encoded information is built in to all internet browsers. These camcorders serve as very effective time-savers for video distribution. Their ease of operation and ease of transfer and delivery to the web and e-mail make them a great asset for many people, whether for personal or business applications.

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