Red Giant Text Anarchy v2.3 Text Animation Software

Red Giant Text Anarchy v2.3 Text Animation Software


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  • Animations with Particles
  • Typographic Control
  • Geomancy Shapes Plug-Ins
  • Keyframes Not Required
  • Add Randomness
  • Go Beyond Straight Lines
  • Animate Individual Letters
  • Scrolling Text Plug-Ins
  • Eight Text Packages
  • Anarchy Toolbox Filters
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The Text Anarchy v2.3 Text Animation Software from Red Giant can be used to create multiple text effects: visual background noise, using text as a texture, or flashing words to reinforce a theme. Choose from Bezier paths, particle arrays, and Matrix-style patterns: This package also includes Geomancy Shapes plug-ins.

Animations with Particles
With particle plug-ins designed for text, you can move text in grids, lines, spirals, or other paths to create simple or complex effects. Randomness sliders add natural variations, while built-in alpha channel generation makes compositing easier.
Typographic Control
Text anarchy plug-ins give you control over font size, kerning, tracking, leading, hinting, and baseline shift, which are features seldom seen outside layout applications. Animate between different fonts, or scroll type across a screen.
Geomancy Shapes Plug-Ins
For creating backgrounds and patterns of all kinds, Text Anarchy includes the Geomancy plug-ins for animating lines, squares, circles and other shapes in 3D space.
Text: Eight Ways
Text Anarchy includes Cool Text, Font Changer, Screen Text, Text Grid, Text Hacker, Text Matrix, Text Spiral, and TypeOn plug-ins.
Scrolling Text
TypeOn and ScreenText plug-ins allow for generation of scrolling text.
Animate Individual Letters
Give each letter its own path, or add effects like Blur, Color and Scale.
Go Beyond Straight Lines
Map text to Bezier paths for sophisticated animation effects.
Add Randomness
Most controls have randomness sliders to add natural-looking variation.
Keyframes Not Required
Unlike text animation in most applications, Text Anarchy does not require you to set and adjust keyframes.
Anarchy Toolbox Filters
A selection of Toolbox filters are also in the package, including Smooth Tiler, Path Distort, Gradient, and Gradient Path.
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