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Toontrack Custom and Vintage SDX - Percussion Expansion Pack

B&H # TOTT125 Mfr # TT125SN
No Longer Available
Product Highlights
  • For Superior Drummer 2.0
  • Custom and Vintage Drums
  • 12GB of Samples
  • 5 Kits
  • 11 Snares
  • 11 Cymbals
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows XP/Vista

The Custom and Vintage SDX from Toontrack is a 12GB expansion pack for the Superior Drummer 2.0 drum sampler. It features extensive stick and brush recordings, created using a collection of drums and cymbals that represent the cream of custom and vintage drums - instruments built by craftsmen from the 1920s, right up to the exceptional instrument makers of today, like Johnny Craviotto.

Most of these instruments (like a 1920s Ludwig Black Beauty, or Craviotto Timeless Timber) can only be found in the collections of top studio drummers or hired from rental facilities in the major music centers of the world. The recording was done at 2Khz Studio in London with their EMI TG Desk, the latter having been used for many legendary recordings of the early 70s, including The Beatles' Abbey Road and Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon.

Chris Whitten, a world class drummer, played the various kits for the sample capture, and the library was produced by Peter Henderson, a Grammy honored engineer.

The Kits

Noble and Cooley Star Series
  • This is an exact copy of the set Chris Whitten took on the road with Paul McCartney in 1989
  • The toms and snare are single-ply, steam-bent shells (in the style of vintage Slingerland Radio King snare drums)
Camco Oaklawn
  • Thought by many to be one of the best sounding drum kits ever made, with the mid to late-1960s Oaklawn era drums being regarded as arguably their finest
  • The Camco name finally faded at the end of the 1970s, but their drums live on in the hands of those who love classic drums, with current prices reflecting that desirability
  • The drums have a big, warm tone that instantly says vintage
Slingerland Studio King
  • Slingerland kit rented from Mike Udell of Drumhire
  • Kit recorded using the standard 1970s method by removing the bottom heads of the toms and resonant head of the bass drum
  • Sennheiser 421 microphones were positioned inside the toms instead of the usual "above the batter head" method
  • This technique delivers a fatter sound with a lot of separation, and is the archetypal sound of the 1970s studio drummer
Ludwig Keystone Drum Set
  • The US television debut of The Beatles on The Ed Sullivan Show, February 9th 1964, was a sensation and almost overnight everyone wanted to own a set of Ludwig drums just like Ringo's
  • Ludwig were still struggling to keep up with demand when along came another drumming icon, John Bonham
  • As well as his use of the Supraphonic snare drum, Bonham popularized larger sizes, including the 24" bass drum similar to the one sampled for the Superior Vintage Add On
Gretsch Round Badge Drum Set
  • At the same time Ringo Starr was playing Ludwig drums, Charlie Watts, the drummer for The Rolling Stones, was playing on a Gretsch kit, another classic American brand
  • The Round Badge era of Gretsch drums (manufactured until 1971) has been the choice of many of the most important jazz drummers in history, and still is among contemporary players
  • In the 50s and 60s, Gretsch focused its marketing effort on the jazz market, pioneering the now standard jazz sizes of 18" bass drum, and 12" and 14" toms. The smaller drums were more convenient for fitting into the small performance spaces in crowded jazz clubs and into the trunks of small cars or NY taxi cabs
  • The Round Badge kit recorded here has more of a rock bias, with the inclusion of larger sized drums - a 22" bass drum with 13" and 16" toms, as well as the jazz standard 8" x 12" mounted tom and 14" x 14" floor tom
  • Charlie Watts still uses his vintage Round Badge Gretsch kit on the road and in the studio with The Stones

The Snare Drums

Slingerland Radio King, Ludwig Black Beauty and Supraphonic
  • These 3 snares represent the most recorded snare drums of all time, and are probably the only snares you would ever need
  • One of the first single-ply drums, the Radio King has become an industry standard in wood-shell snare drums
  • Compared to the glamour of the Radio King and Black Beauty, the Ludwig Supraphonic is a bread-and-butter drum
  • Perhaps due to the seal of approval given by icons such as Steve Gadd, Hal Blaine and John Bonham, the Supra is said to have appeared on more records than any other snare drum. It is surely a must for any serious studio drummer
Craviotto Timeless Timber
  • Johnny Craviotto is a legend in the industry with some already proclaiming him the Stradivarius of 21st century drum makers
  • Two magical ingredients combine in this snare drum - Craviotto's workmanship and ancient birch wood, seasoned by being submerged for over 200 years at the bottom of Lake Superior, North America
  • In the 1800s, logging mills dotted the shorelines of lakes and rivers that were adjacent to the virgin forests of North America and most of the lumber was used for building the great cities of the Industrial Revolution, except the logs that were lost before reaching their destination
  • These logs became waterlogged in transit and settled to the bottom of the lakes - some of them up to 1200 years old - and have remained at the bottom of lakes and rivers for over a century, untouched and perfectly preserved in the icy cold waters
  • Recently maple and birch logs were rediscovered in Lake Superior, salvaged, and sold to high-end furniture craftsmen and boutique instrument manufacturers
Noble and Cooley Star Classic
  • One of two identical snares Whitten played on the Paul McCartney world tour of 1989/90
  • For Superior Custom and Vintage, Whitten asked Peter Stanbridge (who builds unique drums from exotic woods), to craft 2 Jarrah-Ply wood hoops for one of the drums
Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic and Zildjian Drum
  • Noble and Cooley built their reputation on the superb quality of their wood shell drums. Towards the end of the 1980s they decided to branch out into metal, first in collaboration with the Zildjian company and then on their own with the Alloy Classic
  • The Zildjian drum, made from the same secret alloy as Zildjian cymbals, was an extremely expensive limited edition when it first appeared in 1989
  • The Alloy Classic was much more reasonably priced and is still available from Noble and Cooley today
  • An early prototype of the Alloy Classic was used on the 1991/92 Dire Straits world tour, and that is the snare used for the Custom and Vintage SDX sessions
Canopus Zelkova
  • This drum is bored out of a solid block of Zelkova - a Japanese hardwood prized for its density and resonance - and is seen by many collectors as the ultimate snare drum
  • The construction method owes more to traditional Japanese Taiko drum creation than to Western-style snare drum manufacture
  • These drums are rare and mostly found in the hands of collectors or studio drummers
Noonan 5" x 12" Solid Mahogany
  • Gary Noonan is one of a kind boutique drum-maker from England whose solid drum is hollowed out from a single block of mahogany
  • The manufacturing process involves taking the solid block of mahogany, mounting it on a lathe, and turning it into a single 12" diameter snare shell
  • Manufacture is very labor intensive and expensive as large blocks of wood frequently have flaws in them, although there is no flaw in the end result
Slingerland Radio King Select
  • This 6.5" x 14" Radio King Select snare is the top of the range 1990s reissue of a solid, one piece classic, signed by Slingerland drum finish guru Pat Foley
WFL Maple 6.5" x 14"
  • This is a 1930s model, which would place it very close to the beginnings of the WFL (William F Ludwig) Drum Company
  • This drum is a favorite and being one of the last one recorded, the decision was made to approach the drum with perhaps an acoustic ensemble or jazz mentality, much reducing the strength Whitten's playing strokes
  • The end result is a natural sounding drum with added warmth and character

The Cymbals

Zildjian K Dark Crashes
  • These are the cymbals Whitten used on both the McCartney tour and again with Dire Straits (On Every Street tour, 1991/92)
  • One of the biggest problems for recording drummers is balancing loud cymbals with the rest of the kit - these Ks are never overbearing
Zildjian K 20" Heavy Ride and 18" Sizzle Ride
  • The Heavy ride is surprisingly sweet. The stick sound is crystalline and the wash, although quite high pitched, is warm
  • The 18" K ride was custom factory drilled for the rivets
Zildjian 1950s 22" Ride
  • Some say metal compounds mature with age - but the further you go back in time, the rarer these cymbals become
  • A lot of beautiful cymbals from the 1940s and 50s bit the dust due to cymbal manufacturers not being able to keep up with the loudness demands of rock and roll
  • A few larger, heavier ride cymbals survived however. This one has a deeper tone than many modern rides, and just the right balance between stick definition and roar
K Zildjian Istanbul 16" Crash, 18" Ride, 20" Ride and 13" Hi-Hats
  • Vintage K Zildjians are regarded as the ultimate cymbal by many serious jazz drummers and are delicate and very rare
  • Each cymbal is unique, having been hand-crafted in Istanbul, Turkey (the birthplace of the modern cymbal), by a family of craftsmen who handed down their experience and skill to each new generation
  • Because of the human factor in the manufacturing process, Istanbul Ks vary greatly in quality
  • The 13" hi-hats have become Whitten's go to pair
  • "Thin "is the thing with the vintage rides and K Istanbul collectors say this is the thinnest 20" cymbal they've ever come across
Paiste Sound Creation
  • Although a relatively recent offering from Paiste in Switzerland, the Sound Creation line are no longer made and are rapidly disappearing into the vaults of collectors and drummers in the know
  • Almost all the Sound Creation models exhibit a dark, jazzy tone. However, there are no rules, and cymbals such as the Bell Ride can find a place in any genre
  • Championed by drummers such as Al Foster and Jack DeJohnette, along with the earlier 602 Paiste cymbals, Sound Creation almost defined the drum sound at ECM Records, contemporary jazz label and home in the 1970s/80s to artists such as Pat Metheny, Keith Jarrett, Jan Gabarek and Eberhard Weber
  • Sound Creations sound entirely different to the Zildjian cymbals and add a different timbre and more choice to the Custom and Vintage collection
Steve Hubback Cymbal Sculpture
  • Quite an extraordinary piece, 24" in diameter with many different tones to be found across the surface playing area
  • Steve Hubback, the creator of this instrument, was in Iceland at the time the instrument was commissioned and used an open-air forge to create the Cymbal Sculpture
  • Hubback also makes instruments for many contemporary musicians around the world

Instrument List

  • 18 x 24" Camco Oaklawn - 1960s
  • 14 x 24" Ludwig Keystone - 1960s
  • 14 x 22" Gretsch Round Badge Kit - 1960s
  • 18 x 22" Noble and Cooley Star Series - 1989
  • 16 x 22" Slingerland Studio King (Nashville) - 1990
  • 16 x 22" Slingerland Studio King No Damping
  • 5.5 x 14" Craviotto Timeless Timber Birch (DS, BR)
  • 5.5 x 14" Craviotto Timeless Timber Birch (damped) (DS, HR)
  • 5 x 14" Noble and Cooley Star Series (Stanbridge Jarrah Hoops) (DS, BR)
  • 4.75 x 14" Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic Prototype (low tuning) (DS)
  • 4.75 x 14" Noble and Cooley Alloy Classic Prototype (high tuning) (DS, BR)
  • 3.75 x 14" Noble and Cooley Star Series Maple piccolo (DS)
  • 7 x 14" Noble and Cooley/Zildjian Prototype (DS)
  • 6.5 x 14" Slingerland Radio King Select - Nashville (DS, HR)
  • 6.5 x 14" Slingerland Radio King Select - Nashville (damped) (DS, BR, FM)
  • 7 x 14" Slingerland Radio King - 1940 (DS)
  • 6.5 x 15" Ludwig Nickel Over Brass (DS)
  • 6.5 x 14" Ludwig B/O Supraphonic - 1970 (DS, HR, BR)
  • 6.5 x 14" Ludwig B/O Supraphonic - 1970s (low tuning) (DS)
  • 5 x 14" Ludwig Black Beauty - 1920s (ALL)
  • 5.5 x 14" Ludwig Keystone Brass Supraphonic - 1960s (DS)
  • 3 x 13" Ludwig Ludalloy Piccolo - 1960s (DS, HR)
  • 6.5 x 14" WFL Maple (1930 Ludwig) (DS)
  • 6.5 x 14" Canopus Zelkova (DS)
  • 5 x 12" Gary Noonan Solid Mahogany (DS)
  • 8 x 12" Tamburo Stave Shell piccolo (DS)
  • 14" Zildjian New Beat - 1970s (DS)
  • 16" Zildjian A - 1960s (DS)
  • 13" Zildjian K Istanbul - 1960s (DS)
  • 13" Zildjian A Custom/Zildjian K (DS)
  • 15" Paiste Formula 602 Medium (DS, BR)
  • 14" Paiste Sound Creation Dark Sound Edge - 1980s (DS)
  • 8 x 12" Gretsch Round Badge Kit (DS, NS)
  • 8 x 12" Gretsch Round Badge Kit (damped) (DS, NS)
  • 5 x 10" Noble and Cooley Star Series (ALL)
  • 8 x 12" Slingerland Studio King (DS, NS)
  • 9 x 13" Ludwig Keystone - 1960s (DS, NS, HR, BR)
  • 9 x 13" Camco Oaklawn (DS, NS, HR)
  • 9 x 13" Gretsch Round Badge Kit (DS, NS)
  • 9 x 13" Gretsch Round Badge Kit (damped) (DS, NS)
  • 6 x 12" Noble and Cooley Star Series (ALL)
  • 9 x 13" Slingerland Studio King (DS, NS)
  • 10 x 14" Camco Oaklawn (DS, NS, HR)
  • 14 x 14" Gretsch Round Badge Kit (DS, NS)
  • 14 x 14" Gretsch Round Badge Kit (damped) (DS, NS)
  • 7 x 14" Noble and Cooley Star Series (ALL)
  • 16 x 16" Gretsch Round Badge Kit (DS, NS)
  • 16 x 16" Gretsch Round Badge Kit (damped) (DS, NS)
  • 8 x 16" Noble & Cooley Star Series (ALL)
  • 16 x 16" Slingerland Studio King (DS, NS)
  • 16 x 16" Ludwig Keystone - 1960s (DS, NS, HR, BR)
  • 16 x 16" Camco Oaklawn (DS, NS, HR)
Ride 1
  • 20" Zildjian K Heavy Ride (DS, BR, FM)
  • 22" Zildjian A Ride - 1950s (DS, BR)
  • 20" Paiste Sound Creation Bell Ride (DS)
  • 20" Paiste Sound Creation Mellow Ride (reverse from Ride3) (DS)
  • 24" Steve Hubback Cymbal Scuplture (DS, FM)
Ride 2
  • 20" Zildjian K Istanbul Ride - 1960s (DS)
  • 18" Zildjian McCartney Tour Ride (reverse from Ride3) (DS)
  • 18" Zildjian K Istanbul Ride - 1960s (reverse from Ride3) (DS)
  • 22" Paiste Sound Creation Dark Ride (DS)
  • 22" Paiste Sound Creation Dark Flat Ride (reverse from Ride3) (DS, BR, FM)
Ride 3
  • 18" Zildjian McCartney Tour Ride (DS)
  • 18" Zildjian K Istanbul Ride - 1960s (DS)
  • 20" Zildjian K Istanbul Ride - 1960s (reverse from Ride2) (DS)
  • 22" Paiste Sound Creation Dark Flat Ride (DS, BR, FM)
  • 20" Paiste Sound Creation Mellow Ride (DS)
  • 22" Paiste Sound Creation Dark Ride (reverse from Ride2) (DS)
Cymbal 1
  • 14" Zildjian K Dark Crash (DS, BR, FM)
  • 19" Zildjian K Dark Thin Crash (DS)
  • 16" Paiste Signature Fast Crash (DS, BR, FM)
Cymbal 2
  • 17" Zildjian K Dark Crash (DS, BR, FM)
  • 18" Zildjian Azuka (DS)
  • 20" Zildjian A Medium Thin Crash - 1960s (DS)
  • 16" Istanbul K Crash - 1960s (DS)
  • 18" Paiste Signature Fast Crash (DS, BR, FM)
Cymbal 3
  • 19" Zildjian K Dark Crash (DS, BR, FM)
  • 20" Zildjian Dark Crash (DS)
  • 18" Istanbul Mel Lewis Crash Ride (DS)
  • 17" Paiste Signature Fast Crash (DS, BR, FM)
Cymbal 4
  • 17" Zildjian K Dark Crash (DS, BR, FM)
  • 16" Zildjian A Custom (DS)
  • 20" Zildjian A Medium Crash - 1960s (DS)
  • 22" Zildjian Swish Knocker (DS, BR, FM)
  • 19" Istanbul Agop Sultan Crash (DS)
  • Count in Sticks

Note:DS = Drumsticks, BR = Brushes, FM = Felt mallets

System Requirements
Mac Dual G4 1.25GHz
OS X 10.4 or higher
1GB RAM (2GB RAM or more recommended)
12GB free hard disc space
DVD drive
Superior Drummer 2.0 installation
PC Pentium IV or Athlon 1.8GHz
Windows XP or Vista
1GB RAM (2GB RAM or more recommended)
12GB free hard disc space
DVD drive
Superior Drummer 2.0 installation

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