Sonnox Oxford Dynamics - Dynamics Plug-In (Native)

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Sonnox Oxford Dynamics - Dynamics Plug-In (Native)

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You Pay: $295.00
Product Highlights
  • Sony OXF-R3 Console Dynamics Section
  • Compressor, Gate, Expander, Limiter
  • Side Chain EQ
  • 5.1 Bus Compressor (Where Supported)
  • Audio Units
  • RTAS
  • VST
  • Mac OS X
  • Windows XP/Vista/7

The Oxford Dynamics from Sonnox is a plug-in modeled on the dynamics section used in the Sony Oxford OXF-R3 professional mixing console. It offers separate compress, limit, expand, gate and side chain EQ functions, with full control of all parameters. Features such as selectable time constant curves and variable soft compress functions allow the user to obtain anything from unobtrusive level control and mastering functions, to the production of heavily processed artistic effects.

The plug-in features a feed-forward architecture with logarithmic side chain processing, along with a look-ahead technique that results in sonic and dynamic accuracy. The fully parametric side-chain 2-band equalizer allows for functions such as de-essing, and can be used in the side-chain alone, function in the main signal path as an additional equalizer, or for both combined.

An "Amount" control allows the addition of harmonically related signal with tube or electronic valve like characteristics. The warmth function is independent of other dynamic processes. The buss compressor plug-in includes a 5.1 wide compressor and limiter where the sub channel has some additional individual control.

Note! Requires iLok if one is not already present on the system.

The dynamics section from the Sony OXF-R3 console
Separate sections for Compressor, Gate, Expander, Limiter
2-band side chain EQ (with audition function)
Warmth control for extra presence and tube-like warmth
Three different compressor types (linear and exponential curves)
Variable soft knee compressor
Separate 5.1 bus compressor (where supported)
Ultra low noise and distortion
Control Ranges Dynamics
Threshold: -80dB to 0dB
Ratio/Range: 80dB to 0dB
Attack: 5uS to 26mS
Hold: 10mS to 10S
Release: 7.8mS to 519mS

Threshold: -60dB to 0dB
Ratio/Range: 80dB to 0dB
Attack: 26uS to 104mS
Hold: 10mS to 20S
Release: 5.2mS to 519mS

Threshold: -60dB to 0dB
Ratio/Range: 1:1 to Limit
Attack: 519uS to 52mS
Hold: 10mS to 30S
Release: 52mS to 3.1S

Threshold: -60dB to 0dB
Attack: 100uS to 500mS
Hold: 50mS to 10S
Release: 100mS to 10S

Side Chain EQ
LF Peak/Shelf
Gain: +/-20dB
Frequency: 20Hz to 1kHz
Q/Slope: 0.5 to 16
Overshoot: 0 to 50% (Q adjust in Shelf)

HF Peak/Shelf
Gain: +/-20dB
Frequency: 1KHz to 20Khz
Q/Slope: 0.5 to 16
Overshoot: 0 to 50% (Q adjust in Shelf)
System Requirements Mac
OSX 10.4 or later
1GB RAM minimum
Host software that supports Audio Units, RTAS or VST plug-in formats
iLok key with latest drivers

Windows XP, Vista (32- and 64-bit), or Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit)
1GB RAM minimum
Host software that supports RTAS or VST plug-in formats
iLok key with latest drivers


Required item: The Ilok USB dongle (not included) is required to hold your authorization of this software.

PACE Anti-Piracy -  iLok2 - 2nd Generation USB Software Authorization Key
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