Gossen Luna-Pro Meter

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Gossen Luna-Pro Meter

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The Gossen Luna-Pro is a classic analog reflected and incident light meter. As a system meter, it will provide correct exposures in any situation. With its low end range value being -4EV, the meter has ample capacity for extreme low-light levels with very long exposures.

When a reading is taken and the meter's rocker switch is released, the indicator needle "freezes" making it easy to read off shutter/aperture combinations. More than just a superb handheld meter, the Luna-Pro S has a wide range of optional accessories to further increase versatility.

The Luna-Pro can be adapted to calculate the correct exposure for photomicrography with the Microscope accessory. It can be turned into a dual angle "spot meter" with the Variable Angle Attachment (7.5 or 15°). It can also be used to take through the lens readings from a large format camera's groundglass with the optional Flexible Fiber Optics Probe accessory.

This meter can also come in handy in the darkroom as well. The Enlarging accessory helps to find the right paper grade for black and white prints.

Extra large measuring range divided into "high" and "low" light scales
Scales for shutter speeds, f/stops, exposure values, cine speeds, and the zone system
Setting ring for exposure corrections and extension factors (with a red reminder indicator)
Four optional accessories available including a variable angle attachment
Measuring System Incident or reflected
Measuring Modes Ambient incident and reflected (30 degrees) - NOTE: Accepts optional Variable Angle Attachment (#4106) which allows 7 or 15 degree reflected readings
Receptor Head Non-rotating
Aperture/Shutter Priority Yes
Display Readout Analog metering scale with indicator needle; Calculator dials with shutter speeds, f/stops, EVs and zone system
ISO Range 0.8 to 25,000
f/Stop Display Range f/1.0 to 90
Shutter Speed - Ambient 1/4000sec. to 8hrs.
Shutter Speed - Flash None
EV Range (ISO-100) EV -4 to 17
Cine Speeds No
Exposure Memory No
Shadow/Highlight Calculation No
Brightness Difference No
Flash to Ambient Ratio No
Multiple Flash No
Exposure Calibration Correction value possible: -6 to +6; Extension factor possible: 1 to 64
Power Source Two 625a batteries; Battery check provided
Dimensions 2.6 x 1.3 x 4" (70x 109 x 35mm) WDH
Weight 6 oz (170.4 ) approx.
Specialties Accepts five accessory attachments: Enlargement, Variable Angle, Fiber Optic Probe, Microscope, and Repro/Copy
Gossen Luna-Pro Meter
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