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Leader Composite Video Input Unit for LV 5800 Monitors

No Longer Available
Product Highlights
  • Analyzing Analog Video Signals
  • Supports NTSC / PAL Formats
  • 2 Input Ports (BNC connectors)
  • Output via PIX Connector
  • Easy Synchronization Phase Management
  • SCH Measurement

The Leader Composite Video Input Unit for LV 5800 Monitors is used to display and measure analog NTSC or PAL video signals. Analog signals, both NTSC and PAL formats, are analyzed using this unit via 2 input ports (BNC connectors) and an output via a PIX connector at the rear panel. It allows the monitor to perform functions such as a waveform monitor, vectorscope, or a simple picture monitor display on analog video signals.

Using the EXT REF phase display, the Composite Video Input enables you to compare the input signal with V / H sync signals from an external reference, and display the phase difference numerically and graphically. If used with a low pass filter, it allows you to display the luminance component of the signals. You can also perform analysis on SDI signals, when used along with the LV58SER01A module. In addition, the unit includes SCH measurement capabilities which are essential while editing composite signals.

Used to display and measure analog NTSC / PAL video signals
Two input ports with BNC connectors
Output via a PIX connector
Allows the monitor to perform functions such as a waveform monitor, vectorscope, and a simple picture monitor display
EXT REF phase display - easy synchronization phase management
Enables you to display the luminance component of the signals (when used with a low pass filter)
Allows you to perform analysis on SDI signals (using an LV58SER01A module)
SCH measurement
Highly accurate amplitude and time measurements via cursor control
Measured Signal Composite video signal (NTSC/PAL)
Supported Standards SMPTE 170M and ITU-R BT.470
Input Composite video: select A or B
Input connector: BNC connector
Input impedance: 75 Ω
Input return loss: ≥ 30 dB (up to 6 MHz)
Maximum input voltage: ±5 V (DC + Peak AC)
Output Composite video
Output signal: active
Output connector: BNC connector 1 system 1 connector
Output impedance: 75 Ω
Output amplitude: 1 Vp-p ± 5 %
Frequency characteristics: ± 5 % 25 Hz to 5 MHz / +5 % to -10 % 5 MHz to 5.6 MHz
Waveform Display Section
Vertical Axis Sensitivity
V scale (PAL): -0.3 V to 0.7 V
IRE scale (NTSC): -40 to 100 IRE
Gain: select x1 or x5
Variable gain: ≤ 0.2 to ≥ 2
Amplitude accuracy: ±1 %
Frequency Characteristics
Composite Signal: ±2 % 25 Hz to 5 MHz /+3 % to -7 % 5 to 5.6 MHz
Step Response (for 1 V full scale, flat, 2T pulse, and 2T bar)
Overshoot: ±2 %
Preshoot: ±1 %
Ringing: ±2 %
Pulse/Bar Ratio: ±1 %
Vertical Tilt: ±1 %
Filter: Luminance filter
DC restorer clamp to the back porch (fixed)
Horizontal Axis Operation mode: overlay displays only a single waveform
Display format
Line display: 1H or 2H
Line magnification: select x1, x10 or x20
Field display: 1V or 2V
Field magnification: select x1, x20 or x40
Time base accuracy: ±1 %
Vectorscope Display Section
Sensitivity Select 75 % or 100 % Using a color bar
Gain Select x1, x5, or IQ-MAG
Variable: 0.2 to 2
Phase ±2˚ accuracy
Amplitude Accuracy ±3 %
System Phase Adjustment 360˚
Setup (NTSC) Select 0 or 7.5 %
NTSC Display (PAL) Select NTSC or PAL display
IQ Axis Select show or hide
SCH Displays the SCH value numerically
Status Display Section
Display Displays the phase difference between the composite signal and external sync signal numerically and graphically. Holds and displays eight phase difference values being measured
Display Range V direction: ±1/2 frame
H direction: ±1/2 Line
Synchronization Signal: NTSC/PAL black burst signals
Environmental Conditions Conforms to the LV 5800
Power Consumption Supplied from the LV 5800 9 W maximum
Weight 0.55 lb (0.25 kg)
Note: Picture Display (Conforms to the LV 5800)
Line Selector (Conforms to the LV 5800)
Cursor Measurement (Conforms to the LV 5800)
Amplitude Measurement: Measure in terms of [IRE] or [V]
Screen Capture (Conforms to the LV 5800)
General Specifications (Conforms to the LV 5800)
Leader Composite Video Input Unit for LV 5800 Monitors
  • Instruction Manual
  • 1-Year Warranty
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