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Canon 6812B002 VB-H41 Full HD PTZ IP Security Camera

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Product Highlights
  • DIGIC NET II / DV III Image Processor
  • 2.1 MP CMOS Sensor
  • 1920 x 1080 HD Resolution
  • 60.4° Lens / 20x Optical Zoom
  • M-JPEG / H.264 Compression
  • Joystick Support
  • DHCPv6 Support
  • Privacy Masking
  • Full Duplex 2-Way Audio Support
  • ONVIF Profile S Conformant

The Canon 6812B002 VB-H41 Full HD PTZ IP Security Camera comes with a 2.1 MP CMOS sensor that captures detailed images. The camera includes a 60.4° wide-angle 20x zoom lens (with 12x digital zoom) designed to maximize its low-light performance. The lens allows the camera to record color videos in up to 0.4 lux and black/white videos in up to 0.02 lux, making it suitable to use for low-light conditions.

Moreover, this Full HD Security Camera features the DIGIC DV III image processor, the DIGIC NET II network video processor, and an improved auto focus algorithm to improve focusing accuracy even in the most challenging low-light, low-contrast environments. Together with a built-in thermal sensor, the camera’s auto focus algorithm also corrects for temperature changes in the installation environment.

The Electronic Image Stabilization feature minimizes blur caused by vibration in the installation base, and the camera supports PTZ and preset control via a USB joystick. In addition, the recorded videos can be streamed with low bandwidth utilization and disk space usage thanks to the H.264 codec.

The VB-H41 camera is loaded with on-board video analytics and functions, including Moving Object Detection, Removed Object Detection, Abandoned Object Detection, Camera Tampering Detection, Volume Level Detection, and Passing (or “tripwire”) Detection, which allow it to be tailored to fit your monitoring needs. Moreover, SSL support and a built-in SD memory card slot add to the reliability and security of your monitored video. This IP Camera also conforms to the ONVIF Profile S standard ensuring compatibility with other ONVIF-compliant 3rd party products.

The VB-H41 camera is engineered with a new structural design for increased durability with improved bearings and a flexible-cable assembly.

Note! Minimum illumination values based on F1.6, 1/30 second with Smart Shade Control off.

Genuine Canon 60.4° Lens with 20x Optical Zoom and Auto Focus
The VB-H41 camera is able to deliver good visual quality and image consistency thanks to its 20x optical zoom lens, which allows you to get a good view of surveillance area. This high-speed lens with highly accurate zoom and focus from the 60.4° wide-angle to the 3.2° telephoto delivers clear, sharp images throughout the zoom range.
ONVIF version 2.2 / Profile S Conformant
Third party integration is simple with the VB-H41 camera thanks to its ONVIF version 2.2 and Profile S conformance. Since many system installations are customized with products from different manufacturers, this allows the camera to be seamlessly included in such systems and permits the use of 3rd party recording software systems. The ONVIF Profile S conformance allows easy identification of supported features without the need to know the compatibility of the different versions of ONVIF and includes specific features such as audio streaming and relay outputs.
2.1 MP CMOS Sensor
The 2.1 MP CMOS sensor helps ensure good image quality. Its approximately 2.1 million pixels deliver sharp, high-resolution video with good detail for clearer, more useful video monitoring.
Low-light Performance
The VB-H41 camera's image capture technology allows it to capture color videos even under an illumination of 0.01 lux and black & white videos down to 0.001 lux. In even the most challenging low light conditions, indoors or outside at night, the camera delivers clear videos. The Auto Gain Control Limit allows adjustment of digital gain to the maximum level when using auto exposure in low-light environments. 1
On-board Video Analytics
The VB-H41 camera is packed with features that enhance its functionality and usability. On-board Video Analytics enable the camera to detect moving, abandoned, or removed objects in its range of vision, and also detect attempts at camera tampering and changes in sound levels. Passing Detection enhances the monitoring capabilities, allowing you to define a line to trigger an alert when it is passed in a defined direction. For increased control in monitoring sensitive areas, the VB-H41 camera also offers a Privacy Mask function. With this, you can block specific sections of the camera's field of view to avoid intrusions of privacy or password theft even while executing PTZ operations. The VB-H41 camera features an impressive algorithm and highly precise detection is achieved using polygonal and rectangular shapes to specify up to 15 areas of detection. Adding polygonal to rectangular shapes allows for increased flexibility in detection areas. The camera includes the provision for notification of any detection through the network using a number of functions like automatic recording, e-mail transmission, and uploading videos and images to a specified target server. It is also possible to combine a number of detection functions for simultaneous notification.
This camera features a hardware-based encryption and compression engine, the DIGIC NET II, and Canon's sophisticated image processor, the DIGIC DV III. DIGIC NET II is a powerful processor that allows the VB-H41 camera to simultaneously deliver both H.264 and JPEG video in high resolution (1920 x 1080) at a maximum frame rate of 30 fps with no loss in frame rates. DIGIC DV III provides superior image quality with lifelike colors, tonal accuracy, and reduced image noise with lower power consumption.
H.264 Codec
The H.264 codec of the camera maximizes both image quality and data storage with good image compression that delivers high-resolution images with small file size. The low bandwidth utilization increases infrastructure cost savings and reduces data storage capability requirements, while still delivering good quality images. Adjustable I-frame intervals allow maximum flexibility in bandwidth and storage utilization.
Image Stabilization
The Image Stabilization feature works to compensate for image blur caused by camera vibrations or movement. This is useful against building vibration or strong winds, which may occur when the camera is installed on an outdoor pole. There are 2 levels of electronic image stabilization that in the VB-H41 camera to accommodate varying levels of movement intensity.
Smart Shade Control
Smart shade control or SSC automatically adjusts images which may have a bright background by adjusting the gain of the underexposed areas without affecting the exposure of the properly exposed areas. This feature helps make backlit images easier to see and vital areas of interest easier to monitor.
Auto Day/Night Capability
As the available light changes, the Auto Day/Night feature allows this camera to automatically adjust its settings to maintain optimal image quality. A removable IR cut filter and optimized IR light reflection suppression coating allows for good low-light visibility with minimal ghosting.
Joystick Support
For added ease in control, this camera supports 3rd party joysticks (to be purchased separately) for controlling the Pan/Tilt/Zoom and presets.
Various Power Options
The VB-H41 camera gives installation flexibility as it can accept a variety of power options such as 12 VDC, 24 VAC, or Power over Ethernet. The low power consumption of the VB-H41 camera allows the use of standard PoE (IEEE 802.3af), enabling a single LAN cable to power the camera and transfer video and audio data. Connecting to a PoE switch or an injector eliminates the need to run AC connections to installation sites of the cameras. This can help keep installation costs to a minimum.
Full Duplex 2-Way Audio
The mic / line-in and line-out jack allows you to have 2-way audio communication between the remote monitoring center and the surveillance location. This feature turns the VB-H41 camera into a valuable part of your surveillance system.
Built-in SD Memory Card Slot
The VB-H41 camera has a built-in SD memory card slot which supports SD, SDHC, and SDXC cards. It allows streamed images from the camera to be saved to an SD card, giving reliable backup in the event of network power failures or outages. In addition, when issues occur, system logs are created and stored on the SD card for future troubleshooting. An administrative tool, the recorded video tool, allows you to search, download, and view the recorded videos.
DHCPv6 Support
The VB-H41 camera supports the receiving of IPv6 network configuration information from DHCPv6 servers. IPv6 protocol allows easy integration with any system that has been or may be upgraded with IPv6.
RM-Lite 2.0 Network Video Monitoring and Recording Software
The included RM-Lite 2.0 recording software allows monitoring of JPEG and H.264 video and the recording and playback of the JPEG video from up to 4 cameras. This complimentary software is well suited for small systems and eliminates the need to purchase software separately.
Image Sensor 1/3" type CMOS (primary color filter)
Number of Effective Pixels Approximately 2.1 million pixels
Scanning Method Progressive
Lens 20x optical (12x digital) zoom lens with auto focus
Focal Length Wide x Tele: 4.7 to 94 mm
F Number F1.6 (wide) to F3.5 (tele)
Viewing Angle Horizontal: 60.4° (wide) to 3.2° (tele)
Vertical: 35.1° (wide) to 1.8° (tele)
Day/Night Switching Auto / manual
Minimum Subject Illumination Day Mode (Color):
0.4 lux: F1.6, shutter speed 1/30 sec, when Smart Shade Control is off, 50 IRE
0.03 lux: F1.6, shutter speed 1/2 sec, when Smart Shade Control is off, 50 IRE
0.01 lux: F1.6, shutter speed 1/2 sec, when Smart Shade Control is on, 50 IRE
Night Mode (Monochrome):
0.02 lux: F1.6, shutter speed 1/30 sec, when Smart Shade Control is off, 50 IRE
0.002 lux: F1.6, shutter speed 1/2 sec, when Smart Shade Control is off, 50 IRE
0.001 lux: F1.6, shutter speed 1/2 sec, when Smart Shade Control is on, 50 IRE
Focus One-shot AF /manual / fixed at infinity
Shooting Distance Range Day Mode: 12" to infinity (0.3 m to infinity) (Wide), 3.3' to infinity (1 m to infinity) (Tele)
Night Mode: 3.3' to infinity (1 m to infinity) (Wide), 4.9' to infinity (1.5 m to infinity) (Tele)
Shutter Speed 1, 1/2, 1/4, 1/8, 1/15, 1/30, 1/60, 1/100, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1,000, 1/2,000, 1/4,000, 1/8,000, 1/16,000 sec
Exposure Auto/ auto (flickerless) / auto (shutter-priority AE) / manual (shutter speed, aperture, gain)
White Balance Auto/ light source (daylight fluorescent / white fluorescent / warm fluorescent / mercury lamp / sodium lamp / halogen lamp) / lock (one-shot WB) / manual
Metering Modes Center-weighted / average / spot
Exposure Compensation 9 levels
Smart Shade Control 7 levels (increases the brightness of shaded subjects in a video)
AGC (Automatic Gain Control) 5 levels
Image Stabilizer 2 levels (digital)
Pan Range 340° (±170°)
Tilt Range 100° (ceiling-mounted position: -90 to 10°) when the horizotal direction of the camera is 0°
Moving Speed Pan: Maximum 150°/sec,
Tilt: Maximum 150°/sec
Video Compression Format M-JPEG & H.264
Video Resolution M-JPEG: 1920 x 1080, 960 x 540, 480 x 270, 320 x 240
H.264: 1920 x 1080, 960 x 540, 480 x 270
Video Quality M-JPEG, H.264: 5 levels
Frame Rate M-JPEG: 0.1 to 30 fps H.264: 1/2/3/5/6/10/15/30 fps
Maximum Frame Rate 1920 x 1080: 30 fps
I-Frame Interval 0.5 / 1 / 1.5 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 sec
Simultaneous Client Access Maximum 30 clients + 1 admin client 1
Please Note:

H.264: maximum 10 clients

Camera Control Administrator, authorized user, guest user (level of control varies depending on user) Maximum 50 user names and passwords registered for authorized users.
Access Control User authority (user name and password)
Host access restrictions (IPv4, IPv6)
Encrypted Communications SSL/TLS, IPsec (auto key exchange / manual)
Protocols IPv4: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SNMP (MIB2), SMTP (Client), DHCP (Client), DNS (Client), ARP, ICMP, POP3, NTP, SMTP authentication, WV-HTTP (Canon proprietary), ONVIF
IPv6: TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP, FTP, SMTP (Client), DHCPv6 (Client), DNS (Client), ICMPv6, POP3, NTP, SMTP authentication, WV-HTTP (Canon proprietary), ONVIF
Audio Compression Method G.711 µ-law (64 Kbps)
Audio Communication Full-duplex (2-way) - echo cancellation function compliant Sound transfer protocol by Canon
Preset Maximum 20 positions (digital) (Preset Tour capable)
Intelligent Function Video Detection Types: Moving object detection, abandoned object detection, removed object detection, camera tampering detection, and passing detection
Detection Settings: Maximum 15
Volume: Volume detection
Event Trigger Type External device input, intelligent function (video), intelligent function (volume), timer
Image Upload FTP/HTTP/SMTP (email)
Temporary Storage Memory in Camera: Maximum approximately 5 MB
Frame Rate: Maximum 10 fps
Event Notification HTTP/SMTP (email)
IP Auto
On-Screen Display Available
Daylight savings Available
Network Terminal 1x LAN (RJ45, 100Base-TX) (auto / full-duplex / half-duplex)
Audio Input Terminals 1x mini-jack connector (mono), line-in or mic-in
Audio Output Terminals 1x mini-jack connector (mono), line-out
External Device I/O Terminals 2x input, 2x output
Memory Card SD, SDHC, SDXC memory card compatible
Frame Rate: Maximum 1 fps
Operating Environment
Temperature 14 to 122° F (-10 to 50° C)
Humidity 5 to 85% (without condensation)
Power Supply
PoE PoE power supply via LAN Connector (IEEE802.3af compliant)
External Power 24 VAC / 12 VDC
Power Consumption PoE: 9.2 W maximum (approximately)
AC Adapter PA-V17: 10.7 W maximum (approximately)
DC: 8.6 W maximum (approximately)
AC: 8.8 W maximum (approximately)
Dimensions (Diam. x H) 5.20 x 6.10" (132 x 155 mm)
Weight 2.51 lb (1.14 kg)
Canon 6812B002 VB-H41 Full HD PTZ IP Security Camera
  • Power Connector
  • Setup CD-ROM
  • Installation Guide
  • Warranty Card
  • 1-Year Warranty
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