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Red Giant Composite Wizard Plug-In Upgrade (Download, Volume License)

Electronic Download

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This product must be downloaded from the Manufacturer's website. You should receive the license code to complete your order within 1-3 business days. Orders placed on Weekends or Holidays are processed the next business day.
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You Pay: $34.00
Product Highlights
  • 12 License Minimum
  • Mac & Windows Compatible
  • Supports After Effects
  • Remove Unwanted Artifacts & Elements
  • Built-In Edge Control Tools
  • Advanced Layer Manipulation Tools
  • Match Foreground & Background

The Composite Wizard Plug-In by Red Giant is an electronic download of a plug-in that aids you in creating realistic composites. This is an upgrade from any previous version of Composite Wizard and is a volume license, requiring a minimum purchase of 12 units. You can mix and match activations between Mac and Windows, and the plug-in can reside on a network. The plug-in supports both Windows and Mac platforms, and it only works with select versions of Adobe After Effects.

It features tools that allow you to gain control over footage that is difficult to key because of issues such as film grain, video noise, wire rigs, and uneven screen illumination. It also provides you with edge control of your layers, to create an organic looking composite. Composite Wizard also includes advanced tools for color blending the foreground and background layers of your composite together.

Volume License
  • This version of the plug-in requires a minimum purchase of 12 units.
  • This allows you to upgrade any previous version of Composite Wizard to the current version.
  • The plug-in is cross platform and you can mix and match the licenses across the Mac and Windows platform.
  • For those using host applications across a network, the volume license also works across a network allowing you simultaneous uses up to the number of licenses you have purchased.
Host Application Support
Composite Wizard works as a plug-in for select versions of Adobe After Effects only.
This tool applies an averaging function across pixels from a sequence of frames, this effectively reduces or eliminating film and video noise. This works well for cleaning up dark areas of images that become noisy.
Wire/Rig Zapper
Eliminate wires and unwanted objects from a shot by either cloning or stitching pixels together from the surrounding areas. With this tool you can eliminate stage rigging from a blue or green screen shot, or fill in film scratches or video dropouts, before you bring the footage into the keyer.
Miracle Alpha Cleaner
Miracle Alpha applies a cleanup pass to your alpha channel, identifying dirt and other artifacts based on a combination of their size, alpha level, and proximity to the principal element. Use this to minimize the amount of manual repair you need to do to the alpha channel.
Smooth Screen
This tool helps reduce lighting and surface variances on your blue or green screen. Smooth Screen compares pixels to the target keying color, and corrects them to smooth out the blue or green screen before keying, giving you a more consistent screen, and a better key.
Spill Killer
When you have light spill from your screen contaminating your foreground, this tool helps to neutralize the blue or green contaminated pixels restoring the underlying color of your foreground subject.
Edge Blur
Composite Wizard's Super Blur algorithm allows you to correct footage that has tattered edges, and easily blend and integrate multiple images into your composite.
Deluxe Edge Finder
Create a precise border along a layer's alpha channel. You can use this border as a control layer to control the exposure, color balance, sharpness, and transparency of the composite's edge.
Matte Feather & Matte Feather Sharp
Control the feathering of your matte's edge. Correct dirty or tattered layer edge, or soften a hard edge from a CG object, making it a more organic composite.
The various tools you use to create a clean Alpha Channel may end up degrading the look of your original footage. Composite Wizard allows you to take an alpha channel and composite it to the original footage.
Composite Color Matcher
Create a more organic looking and believable composite by using this tool to automatically adjust a clip's colors to match the composite environment by blending its tonal and exposure ranges.
Super Compound Blur
Extends the power of Super Blur to allow the blur intensity to be set by a control layer, such as a layer's luminance or individual R, G, B, A channel. When used with a control layer created with Deluxe Edge Finder, realistic composites with subtle edge integration can be synthesized
Super Rack Focus
This tool brings Z-buffer control to the Super Blur algorithm, allowing the creation of realistic depth-of-field simulation when a Z- buffer or "depth map" is available. Super Rack Focus can reference depth maps created in 3D applications to progressively blur an image as it recedes in space away from the viewer creating a realistic rack focus effect.
Zone HLS
Restore image colors to the desired level after multiple filter passes.
Minimum System Requirements (Mac) Operating System
OS X 10.5.8
OS X 10.6 to 10.6.8
OS X 10.7.2 and later
OS X 10.8



Drive Space
Minimum System Requirements (PC) Operating System
Windows XP SP 1 and later
Windows Vista 32/64-bit
Windows 7 32/64-bit
Windows 8 64-bit

Pentium 4 2.4 GHz or faster (or AMD equivalent)


Drive Space
Host Application Compatibility Adobe After Effects CC, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3

For specific Operating System and Host Application compatibility, please visit the Red Giant Website.

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