Last updated by Yermy Weiss on May 28

Canon 1DC

The Canon 1 DC is a hybrid stills and video camera that makes few compromises. The 1DC comes with all the professional stills capabilities included on Canon’s top of the line 1 DX camera. These include a huge 24 x 36 mm 18 megapixel image sensor, an optical viewfinder,  and a 61-point phase detection based autofocus system. The optical viewfinder and phase detection autofocus cannot be used when shooting video. Along with all the features of the 1 DX the 1 DC has an improved heat sync and image processor allowing it to shoot much higher quality video then the 1 DX. The 1DC can record 1080P in 30P, 24P and 60P as well as 4K in 24P. The 1 DC has an EF mount and is compatible with a host of high-quality still lens as well as a number of cinema lenses. Some EF mount cinema lenses will not work with the 1DC because its sensor is larger than  the super 35mm format that most cinema lenses are designed to cover. The 1DC is compact and versatile, but does lack some in connectivity. It’s only audio input is over an 1/8” stereo jack so expect to be recording dual system audio. It also lacks any form of 4K output. It does have a mini-hdmi output for monitoring in HD.

4K on the 1DC

The 1DC records DCi 4096 x 2160 4K internally to high-speed Compactflash cards. It records in a compressed, 8 bit 4:2:2 Motion JPEG codec at a maximum of 24 frames per second. When recording in 4K the 1DC records only the center 4096 x 2160 window of its 5184 x 3456 sensor resulting in a slight crop. This recording area is still a good bit bigger than the Super 35mm sensor in the C500 and full frame lenses must still be used while recording in 4K. 4K recording on the 1DC runs at 500 Mb/s. This equates to about 3.8 GB a minute or 225 GB an hour.


  • Shoots DCI 4K internally at 24P
  • Fully functional as a high quality SLR stills camera
  • Very small form factor
  • Weather sealed.