For.A FT-One

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The For.A FT-One is a high-speed variable framerate studio camera that can record at an almost unheard of 900 frames per second at full resolution. The FT-One has a Super 35mm image sensor rated at 640 ISO that promises 11 stops of dynamic range. The FT-One also has a global shutter to eliminate motion skew effects. The camera has a PL lens mount for cinema lenses and runs off of V-mount style batteries. Remote camera control is available through either the optional FT-1RU or FT-1RCP remote control units.

4K on the For.A FT-One

 The For.A FT-One records DCi 4096 x 2160 4K in 12 bit RAW at up to 900 FPS. The data rate of 900 FPS 4K RAW is far greater than SSD drives can handle so the For.A FT-ONE is only able to shoot in bursts. The FT-One has a RAM buffer that can hold up to 8,460 individual frames. At 900 FPS that works out to 9.4 seconds of shooting. At slower frame rates the FT-One can record for longer. Once the internal buffer is full the FT-One writes the clip to 2 TB SSD cartridges. A 2 TB cartridge can hold approximately 756,000 frames. This works out to 84 seconds of 900P or twenty one minutes at 60P. Once recorded, the RAW footage can be converted to DPX RAW with the FT-1READ DPX converter software (sold separately) for use with more common editing platforms. 4K monitoring and playback is achieved through quad 1080P 3G-SDI outputs, each of which contain one quadrant of the total 4K image.


  • Records DCi 4K internally
  • Variable framerate control from 60-900 FPS in full 4K resolution
  • Global shutter for accurate motion

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