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GoPro Hero3 Black Edition

The GoPro Hero3 is an affordable action camera that boasts borderline professional video quality in a compact package. It can record in a wide range of video framerates and resolutions that range from 720P at 120 FPS to 4K at 15 FPS. The GoPro Hero3 also features a Protune setting that records in a higher bitrate with lower contrast for use by professionals planning on doing post work. In Protune mode footage looks a good bit grainer, and it is still a highly compressed 8 bit 4:2:0 H.264 codec, but it is still a big step up in quality from what most action cameras offer. The Hero 3 can make a useful addition to a videographers kit for POV shots or other complex angels that just aren’t possible with larger more expensive cameras. The GoPro can be controlled over wifi with an included remote or via a cell phone with the GoPro app available on iOS, Windows Phone 8, and Andriod.

4K on the GoPro Hero 3

The GoPro Hero3 records 3840 x 2160 QHD 4K at a maximum of 15 frames per second in a heavily compressed H.264 based 4:2:0 codec. 15 frames per second is lower than any form of distributed 4K so it is really only useful for fast-motion work such as time-lapses. You could use motion interpolation software like twixtor or motion to interpolate the 15 FPS into 24 or 30 FPS but motion interpolation generally doesn’t work very well with the kind of shaky footage you are likely to get from an action camera like a GoPro.  The GoPro records at approximately 52 Mb/s in both Protune and normal mode when recording in 4K. This runs about 390 MB for a minute and 2.34 GB an hour.


  • Lightweight and helmet mountable
  • Shoots QHD 4K at 15 FPS.
  • Shoots 2.7K at 30 FPS.
  • Shoots 720P at 120 FPS
  • Protune mode allows for lower compression for editors.

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How many angels do you capture with your go pro

Hi Ben -

Hard to say -  but I do know that the images are heavenly.

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