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The aim of the ORCA Bags company is to provide the best, customized bags and accessories for today’s working broadcast and cinema professionals worldwide. Through diligent research and development over the past 30 years, ORCA Bags CEO Ofer Menashe has designed a line of products that utilize the most advanced technologies and materials available. Starting as a young designer at KATA, Menashe eventually moved on to start Petrol Bags, and now heads ORCA, where he implements all of his experience to bring new ideas to the marketplace continuously, resulting in a field-proven line of bags and accessories that are both highly functional and well suited to carry and protect the delicate audio, video, and lighting equipment used by professionals at all levels. The philosophy of ORCA is to design products based on feedback from users, and give them something that makes their work easier, more comfortable, and able to be executed more efficiently.

ORCA Bags have a unique design that combines aluminum external frames with internal honeycomb structures and high-end textiles to create a durable and highly rigid cage that protects the inside of the bags while keeping the overall weight to a minimum. ORCA’s objective when designing the bags was to develop the best solution to ensure that the bags will not lose their shape, even after years of intensive use. There are designs for all areas of video production, including audio bags, video backpacks, shoulder video bags, light cases, and accessory pouches, as well as handy accessories like the OR-70 Trolley system, rain covers, LCD hoods, audio bag harnesses and belts, and more.

Special features add great utility to these rugged bags, such as LED light systems, to make searching for gear in the dark less of a hassle. There’s also a cool USB connector that comes as part of the backpack system to facilitate mobile phone or tablet charging, and the backpack itself is lifted from the body using mesh and EVA with holes for extra padding and ventilation.

The audio bags are highly evolved, functional works of art that would make any sound person’s job easier. Available in various sizes to accommodate virtually any mixer, the OR-30, OR-32, OR-34, and OR-41 cover a wide gamut of sizes. The bags are accessible from all six sides, helping the operator easily set up and use the bag to suit their individual needs. Detachable handles and a padded shoulder strap are included, but also available is the OR-40 Harness or OR-37 Waist Belt to put the load where it best suits the operator. There is a special “ORCA Lift” feature to facilitate proper positioning of the bag for any sized sound person. Additional large pockets allow much-needed accessory storage. A clear TPU cover is provided for weather protection and easy viewing of your audio gear. Bungee cords to hold boompoles or cables, four detachable wireless pouches, and a bright blue brushed polyester interior for easy equipment viewing round out the ORCA Audio Bags to make doing one’s job less tedious.

Not satisfied with revolutionizing the audio bag market, ORCA takes its innovative cage technology and applies it to video bags, as well. With sleek designs adapted for most camera sizes, the ORCA Shoulder Video Bag comes in five sizes, ranging from the smaller OR-4 to the roomy OR-12 that will accommodate most ENG-sized cameras. Cameras are held securely in place by a customizable dividing system. Internal LED lights help you locate contents when ambient light is low. Four external pockets hold accessories, and there are also internal pockets and a special pouch to store essential tools like wireless units, lights, and microphones. There are even two side handles for pulling the bag from storage.

For DSLR shooters there are compact backpacks like the OR-20 or OR-22, and larger backpacks, such as the OR-24 that can carry ENG cameras or just more DSLR bodies and lenses. The backpacks have the same protective framing system as all the bags. Smart internal dividers allow customized arrangement of gear. Six external pockets facilitate storage of all your smaller accessories. There are also lots of thoughtful touches added, like a padded 21" laptop pocket, aluminum, self-retracting carrying handle, detachable mobile phone pouch, and integrated rain/dust cover.

ORCA also has a handy OR-60 light case to protect delicate LED light panels. Utilizing the aluminum frames at the front and back of the bag and a honeycomb frame on the inside, your lighting gear is protected for travel. An external zippered pouch stores accessories, and a special bungee cord system mounts a small light stand on the outside. The bag also comes with a padded carrying handle, padded shoulder strap, and bottom connectors to allow use of the OR-70 trolley system for easy rolling transport. The inside has a divider and detachable accessory pouch, making the interior customizable.

There are even more useful products that allow one to work more efficiently, such as rain covers for your audio bag, as well as for cameras. The OR-100, OR-102, and OR-104 camera covers allow for better support and ease of use, thanks to an innovative inflatable skeleton system that keeps the cover from hugging the camera. There are even three LCD Hoods available to help you see what you’re shooting in bright sun. 

Whatever your level of video or audio production, you need to carry your gear around as well as protect it from damage due to stress or the elements. ORCA Bags go the extra mile to ensure that your equipment is transported safely, lightly.

ORCA Bags is planning to announce and show at least two new bags at this year's NAB show, April 11-16, in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

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