Announcement: iZotope Ozone 6 and Ozone 6 Advanced

iZotope Ozone 6

The software maker iZotope has updated its Ozone mastering suite to version 6, delivering EQ, dynamics, an exciter and imager, along with dithering tools to aid in producing full, clean, and polished masters. While the plug-in and stand-alone application provide modern digital tools that offer precise adjustment, the software also includes EQ filter shapes modeled after classic analog hardware units, as well as modeled triode and dual-triode amplifier circuitry. Low end can be easily retained using dynamics processing with an API Thrust-inspired tilt control.

Real-time visual feedback throughout all the modules allows for making smarter mix decisions, while simultaneously achieving authentic sounds for any genre with a comprehensive bank of presets. Transparent True-Peak limiting avoids distortion and target processing is possible across the audio spectrum with multiband processing. The audio signal can be split into mid and side sections for applying separate processing and a mono mix widened or narrowed naturally without phase artifacts. Accurate metering and a seamless bypass function enhance workflow, as do customizable signal chains.

iZotope Ozone 6

The software is available in two versions, Ozone 6 and Ozone 6 Advanced. The advanced version adds to the above a Dynamic EQ Digital mode for linear phase dynamic equalization and, for more comprehensive metering, Insight, the company’s award-winning metering suite. Other additions include an Auto-Scale mode for automatically adjusting attack/release times, along with several other major enhancements. The stand-alone version provides easy integration of third-party Audio Units and VST plug-ins into the customizable signal chains, and the export of single or multiple files in one pass is possible, taking advantage of iZotope's MBIT+ Dither for smooth bit-rate conversions.