Announcing Native Instruments KOMPLETE 10 and KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series Keyboards


Native Instruments, the UK manufacturer of hardware and software solutions for both production and performance, has just announced an update to its popular Komplete 10 virtual instrument library. The update includes new instruments such as ROUNDS, POLYPLEX, and THE DEFINITIVE PIANO COLLECTION, which brings the total up to 39 instruments, 12,000 unique sounds, and well over 130GB of virtual instruments and effects. 

ROUNDS is an advanced sequence synthesizer that offers up to 16 different synth sounds from models of both two-oscillator analog and FM digital synthesis engines, as well as a unique key switch setup that enables on-the-fly re-sequencing of sounds. A Voice Programmer function allows for the sounds from these two different engines to be arranged in eight blocks with four cells that can each contain a different sound. A Remote Octave feature maps the On/Off assignments of the blocks to the white keys on a MIDI-capable keyboard, and the sound cells to the black keys on the keyboard. Built-in reverb and delay effects with a dedicated LFO expand the sonic possibilities even further.  

POLYPLEX is an eight-part drum sampler with extensive randomization and layering controls that can be run from within REAKTOR 5 or the free REAKTOR 5 Player. The sampler provides multiple ways of randomizing different parameters, and each of the eight sound slots can hold four samples for complex layering. The instrument also includes 18 effects, including dynamics, glitch, reverb, and more with the option of applying up to four effects at one time with creative routing schemes. The drum sampler was designed by Josh Hinden and Igor Shilov of Twisted Tools.

THE DEFINITIVE PIANO COLLECTION features three distinct pianos: the MAVERICK for pop, rock, urban, and jazz music; the GENTLEMEN for vintage upright sounds; and THE GRANDEUR for concert grand piano sounds. Each piano includes 18 velocity zones with nine velocity layers for key releases. The piano collection was created in partnership with Uli Baronowsky of Galaxy Instruments.     

Also exciting is the announcement of a new set of production keyboard controllers to be released on October 1, 2014: the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-SERIES

Available in 24-, 49-, and 61-key variations, the S-Series all feature semi-weighted Fatar keybeds with aftertouch and a push-button rotary encoder unified library browser system that allows you to search for sounds across all KOMPLETE instruments by keyword or tag. The keyboards also feature a technology called Native Map that will automatically map the instrument parameters of each KOMPLETE instrument to the keyboard according to the Native Instruments in-house mapping design.   

One feature that makes the new keyboards especially fun is the integration of LED keybed lighting, called the Light Guide, which can be used to identify drum cells, phrases, and key switches, as well as notes in a defined scale or the notes being played in an arpeggio. 

For performance, all three keyboards include two multi-purpose touch strips for pitch and modulation control according to various modulation curves, an integrated scale map, a chord mode for building complex harmonies, and an arpeggiator with control over direction, rate, rhythm, patterns, and variations. 

If you want to use the keyboard with third-party virtual instruments, Native has even included MIDI Controller editor software that unlocks the full functionality of the keyboard, such as configuring touch strip behavior, keyboard splits, custom templates, and visual feedback using the Light Guide.