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Avid and Apogee Announce a New Partnership

Two stalwarts of the audio world have come together to announce a pair of audio solutions for recording, mixing, and stereo audio post. Providing the perfect mix, Avid and Apogee have combined their award-winning software and hardware to create two new Avid Artist Series products, the Pro Tools | Duet and Pro Tools | Quartet. Featuring Avid-branded versions of Apogee’s Duet and Quartet audio interfaces, each is paired with Avid’s Pro Tools 11 software for Mac and Windows customers.

Over the last four decades, both companies have striven to perfect their respective areas of expertise, Avid with the industry-standard Pro Tools line of software, and Apogee with its goal of providing the highest level of audio conversion. This leveraging of their respective histories results in the creation of powerful yet portable music creation and audio recording studio systems that can fit into any environment, from the singer/songwriter’s desktop studio to the stereo post-production suite.

While everyone benefits from this integration, perhaps the biggest winners are Windows-based computer users, who for the first time have access to Apogee’s line of audio interfaces. With dedicated drivers written specifically for these two combinations, both Mac and Windows users benefit from the expected solid performance, expanded DAW functionality, and high-quality audio output.