CES 2015: Gibson Now Makes Headphones, with a Surprising Twist


Beloved guitar manufacturer Gibson, maker of the iconic Les Paul, has made a showing at CES to demonstrate its new line of headphones. On one hand, this is not that surprising, considering the company’s announcement last year that it had entered into the studio monitor world with a line of Les Paul-inspired speakers. The next obvious step would be headphones that feature the same Les Paul branding, which is exactly what is being shown off. Available in over-ear (called Standard) and on-ear (called SG) models, they boast a variety of finishes that are more typical to a guitar than a pair of headphones.

While the Les Paul headphones are aesthetically pleasing, they are a predictable entry, coming from the guitar giant. What you might not have seen coming, however, are the Trainer headphones, a pair of fitness cans endorsed by runner Usain Bolt. These slim fit headphones feature on-ear controls, including a handy “dim” button that lowers your volume so you can hear what’s going on in your surroundings, a feature joggers and those who work out outdoors will surely appreciate. Additional safety features come in the form of a blinking LED on the back of the headband, giving night-time runners some extra visibility.  Hygiene is always an issue with workout headphones, but the Trainers have this covered with magnetically detachable ear pads that you can pop off and wash.

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