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First Look: Que Audio’s Q 210 Shotgun Mic Kit is Designed to Stay Out of the Shot


Some recent camera designs have proven to be so compact that they require a shorter shotgun mic to avoid having the mic appear in the shot. Que Audio’s Q 210 Microphone Kit addresses this problem head on. The kit is centered on the supercardioid QLM4 shotgun mic, which at a compact 210mm, will stay safely out of frame. Que Audio is aiming to make the Q 210 kit all you need to get going. The kit includes a shockmount, a run-and-gun cold-shoe adapter, a cold-shoe adapter with an adjustable gimbal, a 30cm XLR female to 90-degree XLR male curly cable, a WOMBAT fluffy wind muff, and a 1/4 to 3/8"-thread converter.