NAB 2015: Fostex Headphones + 6301 N Monitors


Fostex showcased some updates to a few of its popular headphones and monitors at NAB 2015. The T20RP, T40RP, and T50RP planar driver headphones have been updated to a mkIII version, with the main improvements being made to their headbands, along with the inclusion of a detachable cable system. They still come with a 1/4" stereo connector cable for studio use, but also include a shorter 1/8" cable, allowing them to be used more easily with portable devices.

The company’s popular 6301 monitor has also seen a refresh, now the 6301N, which sees its amplifier beefed up to 25 watts, with a driver update to compensate for the additional power. It is available in multiple configurations, including with unbalanced, balanced, or digital inputs.

Please check back for pricing and availability.

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