NAMM 2015: An Array of New DJ Lights from Chauvet


Chauvet DJ is rolling into NAMM 2015 with serious thunder, showing at least 10 new products for professional live-event applications. The 6SPOT QUAD IRC offers six individually adjustable high-intensity quad-color (RGBW) LED spots with multiple mounting options for floors and trusses, wireless control using the optional IRC-6 remote control, power-linking to save on cabling, automated and sound-activated programs, Master/Slave mode, and an included carrying bag for easy setup and tear-down. The light can be mounted on almost any universal tripod stand using the company’s 4BAR system.


The Intimidator Spot 255 IRC is a 50W moving head with user-controllable pan and tilt ranges, a built-in Totem mode for keeping the light beams on the dance floor, and the ability to split the beam to cover a larger area using a three-facet prism. It includes the option of setting, saving, and recalling one scene manually from the unit’s full-color LCD screen or controlling the unit with an optional non-DMX IRC-6 remote control. Up to four fixtures can be linked and synchronized together for more elaborate displays and to save on power cabling.


The JamPack Gold is a package of DJ lighting effects consisting of a derby light for dynamic multi-colored looks, a laser fixture for aerial effect, a fog machine, and a combination UV wash and white strobe light. The package includes an IRC-6 remote control and is designed to fit in the company’s CHS-40 VIP Gear Bag.


A second package, the Jampack Silver, features a moonflower light, a three-color wash effect light, and a UV strobe combo light. It also comes with an IRC-6 remote control and fits in the CHS-40 VIP Gear Bag.

For users of Chauvet’s Freedom Par Fixtures, the Freedom Charge 9 road case offers simultaneous protection, transport, and the ability to recharge up to 9 Freedom Par fixtures at once.

The Intimidator Spot Duo 150 offers two powerful Spot LED 150 moving heads on a single bar with Master/Slave mode and separate color and gobo wheels in each fixture. They feature adjustable smooth dimming and strobe speed modes, as well as built-in movement macros for sound and automated modes.


The Freedom Strip Hex-4 is a compact 100% wireless linear wash light designed for up-lighting and effects. It features two zones of control that allow multicolor washes and chase effect. The unit also functions as a D-FI transceiver for wireless communication to and from any D-FI-compatible fixture. It can be controlled via wireless DMX, via the IRC-6 remote control, or in Master/Slave mode.


The Intimidator Wave 360 IRC is a fun, moving light array with four independently controlled tilting RGBW LED heads on a continuously pan rotating base. A series of built-in movement macros and color programs make it easy to create complex displays, or the unit can be used in Master/Slave mode as part of a more extensive lighting rig. It works with the IRC-6 wireless remote control, and multiple units can be power-linked together to shorten set-up time.


For users looking for a single multi-colored DJ light, the Mini Kinta IRC offers non-DMX control with the optional IRC-6 remote as well as Master/Slave DMX mode control. It shines light through 48 lenses and the motor speed can be controlled to match the mood of the event via DMX.


Finally, the SlimBeam Quad IRC offers an up-lighting wall accent and effect light in one. With 180 degrees of tilt range, the ability to combine multiple units to create complex effects, no moving parts for silent operation, built-in automated programs, and optional IRC-6 remote control, the unit is sure to be incorporated into a wide range of applications.  


You can learn about more new products from the 2015 NAMM Show at this link, courtesy of B&H.  

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