NAMM 2015: Avid Pro Tools 12 Offering More Access


Although no new recording and editing features have been announced with the arrival of Pro Tools 12, the news at this year’s NAMM show from Avid is nonetheless still exciting. Three initiatives being launched by the company offer more flexibility in accessing the industry standard software, and promise expanded collaborative and promotional functions for all Pro Tools users. On the access side, the options provide a choice of a low-cost subscription service, outright ownership, or getting started with a free version of Pro Tools software.

Pro Tools First is an entry-level “free” version of Pro Tools that offers a basic set of music-creation features for those new to the world of recording and mixing, while still retaining fully compatibility with all the other versions of the software. For those who only need occasional use of the software, a monthly or annual subscription service provides low-cost access, along with any upgrades released during the subscription period. The third option is the usual one of outright ownership.

With the audio world moving on from strictly local collaboration, where everyone had to be present in a singular location to create together, Avid is responding to this paradigm shift with the launch of Avid Cloud Collaboration. Now artists, musicians, engineers, mixers, and producers anywhere in the world can collaborate as if they were all in the same room. The feature is available in all Pro Tools versions, including the Pro Tools First.

On the other hand, Avid Marketplace provides Artist Community and Content Marketplace components, extensive networks, and creative outlets that enable users to connect with media professionals in audio, film, television, and broadcast to sell and license their music and other audio work. An added benefit is the ability to find new collaborators for cloud collaboration, and this feature is also available in all Pro Tools versions.

You can learn about more new products from the 2015 NAMM Show at this link, courtesy of B&H.  

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Wow....This sounds rather exciting.

It reminds me of what Source Connect has been doing, which was a replacement for ISDN for me.

How much is this software to purchase and own

We have yet to be provided with pricing and availability for the Avid Pro Tools 12.  If you enter your email address into the form above, we would send you an email when we have more information about price and ETA.