NAMM 2015: Pioneer Introduces the XDJ-RX


Pioneer has released the XDJ-RX, an all-in-one DJ system with a large central LCD screen and club-standard layout for mobile DJs and home enthusiasts. The system integrates two USB-driven players and a two-channel mixer with build quality and features inherited from the club-standard Pioneer DJ nexus setup. The system features a single 7" high-resolution full-color display, offering the digital waveform view for both channels and an easy-to-navigate browser, as well as other pertinent data normally found on the CDJ Nexus series screens.

The XDJ-RX offers quantization, beat sync, and slip mode, which continues playback during a loop, reverse, or scratch and brings the music back at the right point when the DJ exits the performance. Four tactile trigger pads offer hot cue, auto beat loop, and loop slice, which captures a loop, slices it up based on the transients, and allows the DJ to remix it on the fly. The mixer provides trim controls, three-band EQ, and color FX for each channel, as well as eight popular beat FX including delay, echo, spiral, reverb, flanger, pitch, roll, and transform. The new Traffic Light function utilizes a multi-player Pro-DJ-Link connection and will illuminate a green light to indicate that music will sound harmonious with the current key of music being played.

Designed for use without a laptop, the RX reads Rekordbox prepared music files from a USB/thumb drive or via the Rekordbox app on a mobile device. Dual USB ports allow for playing music from one, while recording to another, while a third USB port connects to a computer and allows the DJX to perform as a MIDI performance controller. The rear panel offers balanced XLR and RCA main outputs, ¼" TRS booth outputs, and two stereo RCA inputs that are switchable between line and phono levels. An XLR and ¼" microphone input are also provided.

You can learn about more new products from the 2015 NAMM Show at this link, courtesy of B&H.  

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