New Arrivals from Auray Microphone Stands


Don’t let your mics sit on inferior stands that can tip over or keep you from positioning them at the correct angle. These new arrivals from Auray provide different features, but are all centered on a sturdy design to handle their task. The MS-5340 is optimized for use as a kick drum or guitar mic stand, and is at home both on stage and in the studio. It has a telescoping shaft and adjustable boom, both of which help with the precise placement that is critical in both kick drum and amp miking.

For the podcasters and portable recorders, Auray has you covered with the TT-ISO and TT-6240, respectively. The TT-ISO features a 1.5" base of high-density acoustic foam that decouples it from any surface vibrations, making it adept for kick drum and guitar miking, as well as desktop use. If you record on the go, and portability is the key, the TT-6240 provides stability in a diminutive form factor, thanks to its foldable tripod leg design.