New Sound Devices 552 Firmware Update


A new firmware update was released yesterday for the popular Sound Devices 552 field mixer. The firmware adds a new muting capability which enables you to exclude a channel from the master output, while still sending the signal to the direct and digital outs.

In addition to the new muting function, the 1.20 firmware revision includes a couple of operational improvements and bug fixes. The firmware download itself and complete installation instructions are available at this link:

If you're not familiar with the Sound Devices 552, it's a high-quality, five-channel field mixer with a built-in, two-channel audio recorder. It can sync with an external time code generator, and it features direct outputs for every input, as well as digital AES outputs. The 552 pretty much became an industry standard mixer overnight when it was introduced late last year, and this new firmware update makes it even better.

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