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Remove Artifacts from Lossy Files with Zynaptiq UNCHIRP


From a convenience standpoint, lossy audio encoding is a great thing: it allows you to fit 10,000 songs on an iPod, email audio recordings without going over your attachment size limit, and listen to streaming audio services such as Pandora or Spotify. From an audio-quality standpoint, however, lossy files such as low-quality MP3s don’t actually sound all that good, and lossy encoding can often result in those chirpy, underwater-sounding files that pale in comparison to the CD version of the same track. Any post engineer who has been stuck working with dialog recorded as low-quality MP3s knows firsthand the challenge lossy file quality can present. 

Enter Zynaptiq’s new plug-in, UNCHIRP. Operating in real time, UNCHIRP can be used to remove the artifacts from lossy files (as well as those artifacts that can be created by aggressive de-noising) from your audio files. While at first glance, UNCHIRP’s functions may seem limited to musical applications, its use in post-audio will be a welcome addition to any sound engineer who needs to resuscitate a dialog track that underwent a ton of de-noise processing.