Save up to $100 on Studio One Pro


This is your chance to save $50 to $100 on Studio One Pro, a new audio program from PreSonus. Our savings offer expires on June 30th, so don't mull this one over for too long. Studio One Pro is a powerful audio application that's been designed from top to bottom to be easy to use, without giving up its horsepower. The new Version 1.5 even includes QuickTime video support. Check out this post for more details.

Studio One is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers and features an intuitive drag-and-drop work flow. If you have a QuickTime video that you want to mix to picture, you can just drag it from the browser and drop it into Studio One Pro. You can also have unlimited audio and MIDI tracks and run as many plug-ins as your CPU can handle.

You can buy any of PreSonus' hardware audio interfaces, which all come with a light version of Studio One software. With this special deal you can upgrade to the full version of Studio One Pro for just $149.95. It's a pretty affordable way to get started with home and mobile recording and mixing!

Save big dollars!