The Shure 5575LE Unidyne Limited Edition 75th Anniversary Microphone


In 1939, Shure introduced the 55 Unidyne to the pro audio world, a cardioid dynamic microphone with an iconic look that quickly became a staple for broadcast, public address and music recording. With its trademark “birdcage” grille enclosure, and its ability to control feedback and reduce of off-axis ambient sound, the Unidyne is arguably one of the most recognizable microphones in the world, used by countless performers, including Elvis and Sinatra.

To commemorate the 55 Unidyne’s 75th anniversary, Shure has just unveiled a new Unidyne model, the 5575LE Unidyne Limited Edition Cardioid Dynamic Microphone. Produced in a serialized limited run of just 5,575 units, the 5575LE Unidyne stays true to form, replicating the original design, while offering improvements in durability and sound quality.  

The 5575LE Unidyne features a Unidyne III cardioid element, the classic large outer grill, vintage badging, and a retro designed zinc die-cast desk stand with a silver finish. The microphone comes in an aluminum flight case with 75th anniversary logo branding, and also includes a Certificate of Authenticity displaying matching serialization. There are even collector’s photos of the 5575LE and the vintage 55 Unidyne, plus a tribute from Shure Chairman, Rose L. Shure.

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