Sing like a Rock Star with the Singtrix Home Karaoke System Party Bundle


When someone mentions karaoke, my first thought is out-of-tune singers, awash in heavy reverb effects. For me, karaoke has not been the most pleasant experience, but the folk at Singtrix (creators of the original Guitar Heroes video game) have me singing a different tune with the Home Karaoke System Party Bundle. Imagine a home karaoke system that allows any singer, regardless of natural ability, to sound professional and polished. The system turns any audio playback device (smartphones, tablets, MP3 players and computers) into a party machine with the included vocal processor, custom microphone, and a 40W sound system.

The heart of the system is a professional-grade vocal transformer that includes pitch correction, harmonization, and studio-quality effects. Plug any audio source into the studio console and the processor analyzes the incoming music in real time, generating key information for pitch correction and harmony effects. Add more than 300 amazing effects, such as professional reverb and delay, or maximize your performance with the on-mic “hit” effect button, which will transform your voice into a 4-part vocal harmony, perfect for dynamic performances. The simple six-button design features a centrally located LCD, which ensures anyone can operate the Singtrix system. Additionally, there is a Singtrix app with even more content (available as a monthly subscription). Featured on ABC’s Shark Tank, the Singtrix system is great for parties, gatherings, and events.

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