Streamlined Grace Design m905: Versatile, Accessible Monitor Control


The Grace Design m905 is highly regarded by professional audio engineers as one of the best high-end studio monitor controllers currently on the market. Such high quality often comes with a hefty price tag. Fortunately, the folks at Grace Design came up with a solution; the m905 Analog, a monitor control system offering the same high-end features and functions as the standard m905, minus the digital section.  

The Analog Control Unit (ACU) is provided in the same exact rackmount enclosure and houses all analog connections, including two pairs of balanced XLRs and one pair of unbalanced RCA inputs, as well as a balanced 1/4" headphone output. Additionally, the unit offers three stereo pairs of balanced speaker outputs with two assignable mono sub outputs, giving you a versatile selection of monitoring options when mixing or mastering. The tabletop Remote Control Unit (RCU) features a color graphical LCD screen and dedicated tactile control over all functions that allows you to switch between a variety of input sources.

The standard m905 uses a serial cable to connect the ACU with the RCU but, to keep costs in check, the m905 Analog ships with a 25' standard Cat5 cable. All RCU functions work as expected with the exception of the headphone output. The ACU’s headphone amplifier works perfectly and should you need the RCU’s headphone output, you can order the serial cable separately. Another option available for the m905 is the infrared-remote control, which allows the control of the m905 wirelessly via m903CU, Apple remote, or from a smartphone and/or tablet, which requires the purchase of the Harmony Smart Control from Logictech. The IR control option may be purchased as a factory upgrade or a user installable kit. For users who wish to upgrade their m905 Analog to the standard edition, a DAC upgrade kit is available, which adds the full digital complement of AES3, S/PDIF, TOSLINK, ADAT, USB, and DSD128 connections.