Ultrasone Performance Series Headphones: Wide Frequency Range and Comfort


Ultrasone, the German inventor of the innovative S-Logic headphone driver arrangement, has recently announced the new Performance Series line of headphones. 

The Performance 840 provides agile bass with a frequency response of 10 to 25,000 Hz from a 40mm transducer with a PET membrane and a sensitivity of 96 dB into a 32 Ohm load. 

The Performance 860 extends the response from 10 to 28,000 Hz with linear tuning using a 40mm gold-plated PET membrane sound transducer, a sensitivity of 94 dB, and an impedance of 32 Ohms.

The Performance 880 features a titanium-plated 40mm PET membrane transducer and a sensitivity of 94 dB into a 32 ohm load to deliver an impressive extended frequency response of 7 to 35,000 Hz.       

All three headphones share the company’s improved S-Logic Plus technology for natural surround sound, as well as their ULE and MU metal shielding technologies, to reduce interference.  

All of the headphones feature comfortable, spacious inner ear cups with protein-leather memory-foam ear pads and an adjustable metal headband to ensure a good fit and isolation from external noise. They utilize a bayonet connector system for attaching the headphone cable.

The 840 and 860 models come with a detachable straight 3-meter cable with a 3.5mm jack, as well as a gold-plated 6.3mm screw-on adapter. The 880 model also includes a 1.2-meter cable with an integrated microphone and remote control terminating in a 3.5mm jack, for use with mobile devices, as well as an additional pair of velour memory-foam ear pads. The remote microphone cable and velour foam ear pads can also be purchased separately for use with the 840 and 860 Performance headphones. All of the headphones come with a neoprene storage and transport case.